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Products | California Dairies. Butter California Dairies, Inc. is one of the nation’s largest butter manufacturers with 22 percent of the U.S. butter market share. California Dairies, Inc. manufactures more than 383 million pounds (174,000 metric tons) of butter per year. Exports represent eight percent of total annual butter production. California Dairies’ 11 butter churns have the capacity to produce a variety of butter and cream products for commercial use, retail sales, food service accounts and export opportunities.

Butter production sizes range from 25-kilogram bulk boxes, 1-pound (Western and Elgin cut) and half-pound and quarter-pound (Western and Elgin cut) for print/retail sales, spreadable, continentals, and restaurant portion cups (5-gram and 8-gram). Salted 80%Unsalted 80% - Culture and CMFExport 82% - Lactic Acid and Plain CMFBlends - Vegetable oil (canola, palm, coconut) butter blendAnhydrous milk fat (AMF) Cream Cheese California Dairies offers cream cheese in the following sizes: Milk Powders. Greases | Industrial Lubrication | Krytox™ Greases from Krytox™ Performance Lubricants deliver long-lasting lubricity and viscosity performance that no hydrocarbon-based grease can match.

These advanced lubricants deliver measurable value, reducing maintenance costs for re-lubrication, component failure and downtime. When compared to conventional lubricants, Krytox™ grease provides less friction and wear, with longer service life for your critical components. Krytox™ greases are created by thickening synthetic perfluoropolyether- (PFPE-) based oil with polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) powder, creating a white, nontoxic grease that provides excellent lubrication in demanding applications. The PTFE thickener forms a barrier that holds the base oil at friction contact points for long-term lubrication without requiring complicated oil recirculation systems.

Krytox™ offers anticorrosion-grade greases and additives that combine high-performance, anti-friction lubrication with effective anti-rust protection for surfaces under high loads. Clarion Lubricants | Environmental Lubricants. Clarion Environmental Lubricants Clarion Lubricants is dedicated to providing reliable lubrication solutions to industries operating in environmentally sensitive areas. Clarion people, products and services work to enhance the sustainability of your business by helping you manage environmental impact risk* while providing premium lubrication performance.

Our Products Clarion Green Lubricants are precisely engineered for service in environmentally sensitive areas such as open water, inland waterways, ports, watersheds and forests. They can be safely used in agriculture, dredging operations, fisheries, tugboats, cargo port operations, logging, mining operations, golf courses, onshore and offshore drilling and subsea robotic systems. Clarion Green Synthetic Fluids and Clarion Green BIO products are formulated to meet EPA 2013 Vessel General Permit and EPA 2014 Small Vessel General Permit requirements for Environmentally Acceptable Lubricants.

SI Group Inc : Chemical Intermediates Manufactured and Delivered Worldwide. Locations. Stewart's Beverages - Home. Home - Enviroform Industries. Specialty chemicals, fine chemicals - About Parchem Fine & Specialty Chemical. At Parchem, our approach to fine and specialty chemical distribution is to be your most reliable and resourceful partner. We pride ourselves on being ProActive Resourcing Specialists. For decades, Parchem has sourced raw materials from around the world and marketed them to chemical companies and manufacturers serving key industrial and consumer marketplaces.

These relationships are based on a long-standing chemicals expertise, exceptional follow-thru and the fastest turnaround times in the industry. As a global leader in fine & specialty chemicals, Parchem has built a worldwide reputation as a vital link in the supply chain. Parchem offers an infrastructure with a highly technical staff and cutting-edge technology to ensure a flawless process. Parchem has a proven ability to anticipate market trends before its competitors, combining strategic sourcing relationships, and expert insights into the markets.

Our approach: Home | Personal Care Retail Manufacturing. Drum Liners for Packaging and Transportion | Inmark Packaging. Lubriko. Industrial Division | Custom Ingredients, Inc. Private Label Skin Care and Hair Care Manufacturer. About Us | Cosmetic Laboratories | Manufacturing Facility. Incorporated in 1991, Cosmetic Laboratories has built an impeccable reputation in the private label industry. The combined expertise of our professional staff is dedicated to meet the needs and challenges of today’s beauty markets. We are ‘Customer Focused & Results Driven’. As your success is our utmost concern, we promise to deliver exceptional products and service. We believe in building a relationship with our clients to encourage private label sales and to maximize your profits. Currently operating in our own state of the art manufacturing facility located in the prestigious Las Colinas community in Irving, Texas, Cosmetic Laboratories is on the cutting edge of the cosmetic and skin care industry and serves a wide variety of individual and corporate clients throughout the world.

Front | CoValence Laboratories. ALLURE LABS | Manufacturing. Contact Us! Give us a call or an email; we’ll get you started with one of our chemists. Let us know what you are looking for. Be it a cream, serum, lotion, an OTC product or gel; we do it all! What do you want your product to do? Is it anti-aging? Fight off acne? Correct hyperpigmentation? Creating Your Own Product Line See your formula at work: Formulation development. Packaging and Decorations: Allure Labs offer a wide variety of packaging suppliers for you to choose from. Start Selling! Product Development | Manufacturing - Pfeiffer Consulting. Paramount Cosmetics - formulating and manufacturing beauty products for 3 generations. PhytogenX Inc. Rozelle Cosmetics | Private Label Cosmetic Manufacturer | Paraben Free Cosmetics Product Filling | Westfield, Vermont. Cosmetic Manufacturing and Private Label Manufacturing Custom Creations West Coast Cosmetics - Frequently Asked Questions.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s) In an attempt to better understand what West Coast Cosmetics can do for you, we’ve listed a few of the most asked questions about our company. Please take a moment to look them over, but know you are welcomed to contact our team if we have not addressed your particular question. 1. Does West Coast Cosmetics supply packaging and components? West Coast Cosmetics is a private label custom manufacturer of quality cosmetics, not a components supplier. 2. West Coast Cosmetics formulates and manufactures unique cosmetics based on our client’s specifications. 3. West Coast Cosmetics prides itself on our ability to work with smaller start-up companies and at the same time meet the manufacturing demands of high volume orders. 4.

West Coast Cosmetics has established our standard delivery time for finished goods based on an Eight (8) week turnaround. 5. 6. 7. Water system evaluation and microbiological monitoring tests are conducted on a bi-weekly basis. 8. 9. 10. Raya Cosmetic Manufacturing Company in Los Angeles. Custom Cosmetics Manufacturing | Kolmar. Manufacturing Facility of Skin Care Suppliers and Private Label Organization Cosmetic Solution. Accupac Homepage - Accupac. Cream Manufacturer | Personal Care Manufacturer. Let's Design Your Product Makers Nutrition offers an incredible cream manufacturing service from start to finish.

First, we'll closely work with you to formulate your personal care product. Simultaneously, our graphics artists will design the label and mechanical of your packaging. Upon finalizing the artwork, we'll expedite the manufacturing and testing of your product. Product Packaging for Your Cream We design custom packaging for your personal care product, including tubes, vials, jars, pens, pots, bottles, pumps, according to your product needs. State-of-the-Art Technologies Our cream manufacturing service utilizes next generation technology to prepare and fill your work order. ShinEtsu Silicones. XIAMETER® brand Silicones from Dow Corning - XIAMETER. Silanes, Silicone, Metal-Organic Compounds by Gelest, Inc. Pure Silicone Fluids - Clearco Products. Products Description: Clearco Pure Silicone Fluids are clear, colorless and odorless linear 100% Polydimethylsiloxane Silicone Fluids / PDMS Silicone Oils that range in viscosity from 0.65cSt to 1 million cSt (measured @ 25°C).

Viscosities > 5cSt are characterized by their wide service temperature range, high resistance to oxidation, high damping action, excellent lubricity, low viscosity change at temperature (Low VTC), compatibility with O-rings, gaskets and valve materials, and high dielectric strength. Lower viscosities are characterized by their low pour points, low temperature stability, low viscosity and low viscosity change at temperature (Low VTC)(even at extremely low temperatures), low surface tension, high compressibility and high dielectric strength. Silicone Fluids and Silicone Emulsions from WACKER - Wacker Chemie AG. Silicones are particularly stable and exceptionally resistant to such influences as heat and electromagnetic radiation. Above all, silicone fluids from WACKER are ideal for use in all kinds of industries – cosmetics, pharma and textiles, to name but a few.

Silicones consist of an inorganic backbone made of alternate silicon and oxygen atoms. Chemists refer to them as polydiorganosiloxanes. The two other valencies of the silicon atoms are occupied with organic groups (mainly methyls). The bond energy of a silicon-silicon bond is much greater than that of a carbon-carbon bond. Linear Silicone Fluids A key advantage of silicone fluids is their excellent thermal and thermooxidative resistance. Silicone fluids are also much more stable than organic polymers toward electromagnetic and particle radiation (UV, alpha, beta and gamma radiation) .. Extremely low volatilityExcellent shear stabilityLow surface tension, andOptimum water repellency.

Thanks to these properties, silicone fluids make ideal. - Product Offering. RUCO USA - UV Printing Inks - About RUCO USA. Home > About RUCO USA About RUCO USA | RUCO USA Background | RUCO Germany | Exhibitions | News | Contact | FAQ Beginning August 1st, 2009 Ruco USA is fully operational and prepared to fill your Ruco UV ink orders. We are dedicated to serving your needs for UV screenprinting inks as well as introducing to the US market other first quality Ruco UV inks that are already well established on the global scale in the dry offset, UV flexo and narrow web industries. Our new purpose-built facility in Wood Dale, IL was designed using state of the art ink mixing, product testing and quality verification equipment and processes.

At every step consideration has been given to accommodate our priorities of establishing a customer satisfaction-driven facility that utilizes Green principles such as paperless office, solvent reclamation and air filtration systems. ENCRES DUBUIT inks, screenprinting, inkjet, pad printing. DaVinci Gourmet Europe, Middle East and Africa. Authentic Coffeehouse Flavor | Torani® Cool Breeze Beverages - About Us | Cool Breeze Beverages. Most convenience store managers, grocers , and restaurant owners struggle daily with lost sales from poor inventory control.

Cool Breeze is the solution. Cool Breeze is the only store supplier of premium beverages, Coca-Cola products, exclusive frozen cocktail mixers, all-natural fruit juices, soda syrups, coffee, tea, espresso and cappuccino. We also supply CO2 services and custom paper goods such as cups, etc. We want to hear how fast items move from your shelves and keep you supplied so you lose fewer sales and customers because you don’t have what they’re looking for. Cool Breeze also wants to help you bring in new products that your customers can’t find at other stores so they stay loyal to your location while we help you create a strong sense of commitment to your brand and its success. Our clients include restaurants, bars, nightclubs, amusement parks, gas stations, convenience stores, car dealerships, commercial offices, national & chain accounts and more. Welcome to Gold Peak® Tea & Coffee Beverages. Barq’s Root Beer. H. Fox & Co., Inc. Broward Nelson Fountain Service.

Oil & Gas Exploration and Production Chemicals - Hydrochloric Acid - Continental Chemical. Products - Hill Chemical. Global Presence. COIM - Where we are. Fareva Home. Welcome - Flint Group. Brenntag. Philadelphia Water Ice- About Us. ABM 1st | America’s Best Inoculant® for Soybeans. Grow More America’s Best Inoculant® for Soybeans, made in the USA, was developed by the leading authority of soybean inoculants and made with a unique blend of effective Rhizobia strains that allow for performance under a wide variety of soils. America’s Best Inoculant® has been found in recent replicated trials to be adaptable to many different types of soils and soil compounds. Our product will work with the proper handling, application and conditions. Crops America’s Best Inoculant® has been shown to be a beneficial seed treatment in soybeans, peanuts, and peas/lentils. Bradyrhizobia America’s Best Inoculant® for Soybeans contains a triple stack Rhizobia strain package for top yield responses.

Formulation America’s Best Inoculant® for Soybeans is adaptable to multiple soil types and conditions. Yield Increases America’s Best Inoculant® Soybeans has shown significant yield increases in soybeans in all planting conditions. MicroDried, Fruit & Vegetable Juices - Louis Dreyfus Commodities :: Juice. Juice highlights We have been active in the juice market for over two decades We are one of the world’s largest processors and merchandizers of citrus juices (orange, grapefruit, lemon and lime) We have a rapidly expanding apple juice business based primarily in China and Poland We serve more than 400 clients in over 70 countries We hold a leading position in packaging juices in frozen cans for the private label market About Juice The Juice Platform includes orange, grapefruit, lime, lemon and apple juices, and associated by-products. When citrus fruit is processed, nothing is wasted. Brazil and the US are the main producers of orange juice.

As for Apple Juice Concentrate, China has grown over the last 20 years to the point where it now accounts for over 80% of the global trade. Our strengths in Juice Our success in the global fruit juice business can be attributed to the combination of our extensive physical assets and seasoned management. U.S. Sugar Corp. | Southern Gardens Citrus. Southern Gardens Citrus From our grove to your shelf. Providing the highest quality not-from-concentrate orange juice in America. Southern Gardens Citrus is the world's largest supplier of 100 percent pure Florida not-from-concentrate (NFC) orange juice to the private label industry and major brands. The Company offers highly efficient, fully integrated state of the art juice processing featuring homegrown oranges. Based in Clewiston, FL, the Company employs approximately 750 people during the citrus harvest, including high skilled / high wage jobs in automated environments.

Groves Farms more than 14,500 acres of groves comprising 1.8 million orange trees. Florida’s Natural Co-op History. Tropicana - 100% Pure Squeezed Sunshine. Our Citrus Products | Peace River Citrus Products. Contacts | Citrosuco. CUTRALE - Your worldwide quality source of orange juice. Purees, Concentrates, Concentrated Purees, Compounds, Colourants, Fruit Puree, Strawberry Puree, Juice Concentrates, Fruit Concentrates | SVZ Industrial Fruit & Vegetable Ingredients.

Carbonator Rental Service. Fruit Juice Concentrates | Supreme Manufacturing. Contract Packaging | Hartley's Brand. Beverage Manufacturer and Product Packaging Services - Florida Natural Flavors. Chemical Repackaging Services – Custom Chemical Repackaging Services. Serves_Clients_Nationwide. Nuplex Corporate - Home. EPM - Specialty Nitrile Polymers - Products.

Company – United Initiators. Solutions for paints, coatings and adhesives by Arkema. Expancel Packaging - AkzoNobel Expancel - the multi-performance additive.