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Download - Spell, Style, and Grammar Checker for Bookmarklet. Bookmarkets are one-click utilities that work from your browser's link bar.

Download - Spell, Style, and Grammar Checker for Bookmarklet

The After the Deadline bookmarklet helps you with your writing where ever you are. How to Install Internet Explorer users: Right-click the Add Proofreader link, select Add to Favorites, click Yes, choose Favorites Bar from Create in, and click Add. Your favorites bar must be showing to see the Add Proofreader button. Tested in Firefox, Safari, and Internet Explorer 8. How to Use Click the "Add Proofreader" link on your link bar to add a Proofread button above each text box. Limitations This bookmarklet is limited to 7,000 characters worth of text. Source Code The source code to the AtD Bookmarklet is available.

License Most plugins are licensed under the LGPL. Make Your Own Bookmarklets With jQuery - Smashing Magazine. Advertisement Bookmarklets are small JavaScript-powered applications in link form.

Make Your Own Bookmarklets With jQuery - Smashing Magazine

Often “one-click” tools and functions, they’re typically used to extend the functionality of the browser and to interact with Web services. They can do things like post to your WordPress or Tumblr blog, submit any selected text to Google Search, or modify a current page’s CSS… and many other things! Because they run on JavaScript (a client-side programming language), bookmarklets (sometimes called “favelets”) are supported by all major browsers on all platforms, without any additional plug-ins or software needed. In most instances, the user can just drag the bookmarklet link to their toolbar, and that’s it!

In this article, we’ll go through how to make your own bookmarklets, using the jQuery31 JavaScript framework. Getting Started You can make a faux URI2 with JavaScript by prefacing the code with javascript:, like so: <a href="javascript: alert('Arbitrary JS code! ') A link to an externalized bookmarklet: (al) Easier Links with Google AJAX Search API. Ever get annoyed by the complexity of adding links in blog or message board posts?

Easier Links with Google AJAX Search API

Sure, it isn't rocket science, but between getting the angle brackets, quotes and start and end tags balanced correctly and getting the URL right, adding links is a pain. This weekend I did some playing around with the Google AJAX Search API and made a nifty bookmarklet for creating links in textareas. I've only tested it with Firefox (various combinations of 1.5 and 2.0 on Linux, Windows and Mac), and it only works with plain old multi-line textareas (not 1-line text fields or rich/"wysiwyg" text controls). Aside from those caveats, it seems to work pretty well. Installation is easy: just drag this link to your bookmark toolbar: [linkify] Note that if you're reading this in a feed reader you'll probably need to visit my site for this step, as feed readers usually strip out JavaScript.

Here's how to use it: Go to some page that has a textarea. The search query defaults to the text you'd highlighted. Update. Hello, want to kill some time? A brilliant way to quote. Quix - Your Bookmarklets, On Steroids. Bookmarklets Home Page - free tools for power surfing.