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Great! Choose an available username to complete sign up. In order to provide our users with a better overall experience, we ask for more information from Facebook when using it to login so that we can learn more about our audience and provide you with the best possible experience. Shade your indoors with quality solar screens. Upscale your home with wood blinds. While wood blinds are considered more expensive than other blind options, the truth is, they are a value for money option as they last for a number of years with minimum care.

Upscale your home with wood blinds

Window screens for interiors by drsmithdavid. All star solar screens by drsmithdavid. Allstar Solar Screens. Pull Down, Zipper Track Roller & Patio Shades Houston, Katy TX. Allstar Solar Screens is the one stop shop for interior and exterior roller shades, pull down shades, zipper track shades & patio shades.

Pull Down, Zipper Track Roller & Patio Shades Houston, Katy TX

All of our roller shade products offer the best protection and comfort from the sun's heat and harmful rays. Exterior Roller Shades With our exterior roller shades you can enjoy the evening with your family outside while remaining cool during the summer months. The best part of a roller shade is it allows you to be in total control providing instant shade when desired and full sun when you don't.

They are easy to operate and dramatically reduce the sun's head and glare. Depending on your heat or glare problem the shades come in a variety of colors and heat protection. Solar Screens For Modern Home Owners. The numerous benefits of solar screens make them an important consideration for any homeowner.

Solar Screens For Modern Home Owners

All Star Solar Screens give you better, cooler shade, without taking up space inside your home. Find affordable and durable solar screens and solar shades in Katy Texas with All Star Solar Screens. Are you one of those home owners who have a beautiful home full of windows, but are not able to enjoy it? This could be because of the glaring sunlight that enters every day into your rooms, making them hot and unbearable. Solar Screens & Sun Shades Houston, Humble & Katy TX. Screen your space. Dec 10, 2015 When we think of an ideal home, everyone pictures a home with windows.

Screen your space

Windows bring with them a host of benefits. They help in ventilation, let you enjoy the outside view and let the balmy sunshine in. Home beautiful: solar screens and roller shades. Solar screens are an innovative and unique combination of beauty and functionality, offering visibility to the people indoors while protecting valuable furnishings and preventing harmful UV rays from coming in.

Home beautiful: solar screens and roller shades

Solar shades are in fact designed to make your home more comfortable, reducing heat & glare while maintain the view outdoors. It isn't just beneficial for the home owners, but also to their valuable stuff such as carpets, rugs, walls, television sets, computers and pianos. They also keep your home cool, thereby reducing the air conditioning costs. Solar shades are also greatly popular at workplaces. They help maintain a connection to the outdoors, as they can be rolled upwards and downwards as and when required. Garage & Window Screens Houston, Humble & Spring TX - What is a Solar Screen?

Garage & Window Screens Houston, Humble & Spring TX -

A Solar Screen is a special window screen mesh that is specially designed for sun control. It is the most effective way to control the sun's heat and glare by stopping it before it ever penetrates you glass window. Much like a big shade tree, an exterior solar sun screen will help reduce your energy costs, increase your air conditioning efficiency, will help reduce glare and fading of home furnishings and floors.

At Allstar Solar Screens we use Phifer Suntex fabric for all of our solar screens. The Phifer Suntex solar screen fabric is extremely durable, mildew and pet resistant. Aesthetic window treatments in Houston. Looking for an effective and modern window screen treatment for your home but aren't sure how to go about it?

Aesthetic window treatments in Houston

Well, with a wide array of designs and textures available in the market, choosing one that fits your home and needs shouldn't be a problem. Of course, that is, after you know what an asset a window screen can be for you. What is a window screen? Window screens are typically installed on the outside of windows, essentially acting as a shield between your interiors and the outside sun rays.

This is one of the most efficient means of reducing heat transfer through the glass. What are the benefits? Window treatments for your dream home. When you think of your dream home, there are many things one would like to have.

Window treatments for your dream home

A big porch area, spacious roof, a kitchen garden and lots of windows. Right? But with all this, does anybody think about all the sunlight, dirt and insects ruining the pretty picture? Nope. But that doesn’t mean one should give up on their dream space. Pull Down, Zipper Track Roller & Patio Shades Houston TX. Garage & Window Screens Houston, Humble & Spring TX - All Star Solar Screens by drsmithdavid. Pull Down, Zipper Track Roller & Patio Shades Houston TX. Home Protection From Sun – Solar shades in Katy Texas. The numerous benefits of solar screens make them an important consideration for any homeowner.

Home Protection From Sun – Solar shades in Katy Texas

Solar screens and sun shades are not only a great way to safely create a comfortable indoor-outdoor living atmosphere throughout your house for everyone to enjoy all year round, but are great for ventilation purposes too. External shading is the most effective home treatment to counter the heat effects of sun. Lifestyle Inspect Screens Houston & Humble TX - All star soller screens by drsmithdavid. Garage & Window Screens Houston, Humble & Spring TX - Pull Down, Zipper Track Roller & Patio Shades Houston TX. Prepping home for summer with solar screens. – Sunscreen would prevent you from the harsh glare of the sun outdoors, but what about indoors? You need protection from the sun inside of the home as well. All Star solar screens specialists are authorized dealers of solar screens in Katy Texas and Houston Tx; helping to ensure a quality finished window screen product backed by expert installation services.

Though summers are no more scorching us with the heat, it’s best if you start prepping your home for the hot summer months next year. You can put on the sunscreen at the beach to protect yourself from the sun, but what about your home interiors? Yes, you need protection from the sun inside of the home as well. Studies say that shading the outside of exposed windows or doors is the best way to stop heat build-up. Roller shades for indoors and outdoors. Modern home owners understand the need of modern home accessories to elevate the appearance of their homes and to make the most out of their space. Roller shades for indoors and outdoors. Window Treatments in Houston. Garage & Window Screens Houston, Humble & Spring TX - Shades For Home In Katy Texas. Solar screens or solar shades are the most effective and preferred window treatments that you can apply to your home.

They help lower energy bills by stopping the heat transfer through the windows and doors while still maintaining your view. Solar screen shades provide an additional protective layer inside the window glass, reflecting away more of sun’s heat than the glass alone. The best thing about these shades is that their custom design that allows them to fit seamlessly into the shape and size of any window is one such factor.

Their practical benefits help block out insects, dirt, and other debris while naturally ventilating a space with healthy and relaxing airflow. Indoor & outdoor shades for homes. Window screens and patio shades are a great way to make the most of your home space while reducing the utility bills. Make the most of indoors and outdoors space with the patio shades and window screens from All Star Solar Screens. Window screens are an excellent way to reduce electricity bills. They block the heat, protect you from sun’s glare while maintaining outward visibility during cooler days.

Block the heat, not the view! Window screens are great in the sense that they sit outside the window, blocking the sun even before it touches the window. Plantation shutters: The right choice for your windows. Plantation shutters are a popular choice when it comes to modern day window treatment for homes. Shades For Your Home. The Greatness Of Outdoor Shades. Modern home must haves – window screens & patio shades. Nowadays there are many popular choices in the market to overcome heat problems in homes.