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XNA Game Studio 4.0. XNA Game Studio 4.0 Refresh is a programming environment that allows you to use Visual Studio to create games for Windows Phone, Xbox 360, and Windows.

XNA Game Studio 4.0

XNA Game Studio includes the XNA Framework, a set of managed libraries designed for game development based on the Microsoft .NET Framework. This documentation collection contains technology overviews, tutorials, and reference material related to XNA Game Studio. Introduction to XNA Game Studio 4.0 Refresh Provides helpful prerequisities for installing and using XNA Game Studio 4.0 Refresh Getting Started with XNA Game Studio Development Provides introductory information about developing games with XNA Game Studio. Writing Game Code Describes how to use XNA Game Studio and the XNA Framework to develop multiplatform games for Windows, Xbox 360, and Windows Phone. Adding Art, Music, and Other Game Assets Describes game assets, such as bitmaps, models, textures, and sounds.

Packing and Distributing Your Game Advanced Topics The App Hub Website. Introduction to Multithreading, Superthreading and Hyperthreading. Introduction Back in the dual-Celeron days, when symmetric multiprocessing (SMP) first became cheap enough to come within reach of the average PC user, many hardware enthusiasts eager to get in on the SMP craze were asking what exactly (besides winning them the admiration and envy of their peers) a dual-processing rig could do for them.

Introduction to Multithreading, Superthreading and Hyperthreading

It was in this context that the PC crowd started seriously talking about the advantages of multithreading. Years later when Apple brought dual-processing to its PowerMac line, SMP was officially mainstream, and with it multithreading became a concern for the mainstream user as the ensuing round of benchmarks brought out the fact you really needed multithreaded applications to get the full benefits of two processors.?

Intel actually already uses SMT in a shipping design: the Pentium 4 Xeon. SMT, in a nutshell, allows the CPU to do what most users think it's doing anyway: run more than one program at the same time. Conventional multithreading. Game Development Tools And Software :. GarageGames. - all your game development needs. IGDA - International Game Developers Association.