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LOTRO - Instance Guide. Lotro Instances by Rupture There are a number of big 6-man instances you will encounter as you level (there are also a bunch of smaller ones from the Epics and group quests but I will just go thru the big instances), I will try to describe most of them in order.

LOTRO - Instance Guide

If you like instance grouping and this is your first toon I would recommend to try to get a fellowship together and get them done, they are very challenging and can be great fun. If you are really up for a challenge you should try do these without help from a higher level person but sometimes after so many hours and wipes you may need help You will get very good XP by doing these and some good loot, the XP from completing large instance quests is usually more than regular quests and this holds true all the way to the Radiance Gear instances in Moria. Lord of the Rings Online Database - MMO DB. LOTRO - The Lord of the Rings Online MMORPG Web Comic, Community, Information, Guides. Lord of the Rings Online Traits Compendium {contains spoiler info} - The Lord of the Rings Online™ Forums. Lord of the Rings Online. Legendary Items Guide. Main Page.