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We are providing dental services like Dental Implant, Root canal, periodontal treatment , Orthodontal treatment and so on in our dental office at Dr Ross Kaplan DMD. Visit us for more

Teeth Whitening Wallingford CT. Home › Teeth Whitening Your smile is one of the first things people notice when they meet you.

Teeth Whitening Wallingford CT

Surveys conducted by reputed cosmetic dentistry organizations say many Americans agree that a beautiful smile can have a remarkable effect on career growth. With people becoming more cautious about their smile, there are several developments taking place in cosmetic dentistry field to address the needs. Root Canal Treatment North Haven CT. Home › Root Canal Treatment The tooth is the hardest substance in our body.

Root Canal Treatment North Haven CT

Though the top layer of a tooth is the hard enamel layer which is made of calcium phosphate, it can be destroyed by harmful acids produced by bacteria. The process of tooth decay involves destruction of enamel, dentin and pulp. Root Canal Treatment Wallingford CT. Home › Root Canal Treatment When you have toothache or an injury that has cracked your tooth, the pulp of the tooth may be in danger.

Root Canal Treatment Wallingford CT

Infection of pulp can lead to severe tooth pain. If not treated in time, the infection can spread to the root and to the supporting structure of the tooth. Root canal is a procedure performed to remove the infected pulp and save the tooth. Lost Baby Teeth Treatment in Hamden, North Haven, Cheshire CT. Home › Losing Baby Teeth Baby teeth are the primary teeth that appear within your child's mouth from around the age of six months old.

Lost Baby Teeth Treatment in Hamden, North Haven, Cheshire CT

Although only a temporary factor in the long term composition of your baby's mouth, they are never the less, an important stage in the growth of the child and as such, proper oral hygiene should be maintained from the moment they appear. Not only will this serve to keep the child's mouth healthy from the beginning, and therefore minimize any risk of problems to the gums later on, it also allows the child to learn from the youngest age, the importance and regularity with which oral hygiene should be approached. Baby teeth are not immune to tooth decay and in spite of their temporary nature, they are of fundamental importance in the health and development of the surrounding gum and permanent teeth.

Invisible Braces North Haven CT. Invisible Braces Wallingford CT. Implant Crowns Wallingford CT. Home › Implants Crowns When you lose a tooth your ability to bite and chew food is compromised to some extent.

Implant Crowns Wallingford CT

Left as such a number of dental problems can arise which deteriorate your oral and overall health. Dental prostheses are developed to takeover the normal functionality of lost natural teeth. Both fixed and removable types of dental restorations are available. Emergency Dentistry North Haven CT. Home › Emergency Dentistry Dental emergencies are unpleasant situations during which a person requires immediate dental care.

Emergency Dentistry North Haven CT

The problem can be toothache, tooth loss, fallen/broken dental restoration or damaged oral appliance but the consequences may have long lasting impact on oral health. This is why we give high importance to offering swift dental treatment to patients during dental emergencies. Our dentist Dr. Emergency Dentist Wallingford CT. Home › Emergency Dentistry Dental emergencies are situations where a patient is in immediate need of dental care.

Emergency Dentist Wallingford CT

The condition can be caused from tooth decay, an accidental injury or because a restoration has fallen out but in the absence of timely dental care, a dental emergency can have far reaching consequences on oral health. Emergency dental care is aimed at quickly relieving patients from pain and dentists take steps to see that the teeth, gums or lips are safe. Partial and Complete Dentures North Haven. Home › Dentures When you lose all or most of your teeth, a denture may be a good restoration option to reestablish the functionality of your teeth and improve your oral health.

Partial and Complete Dentures North Haven

Dentures are precisely fabricated to fit over your gums and support chewing and biting functions. There are different types of dentures available which help us recreate a healthy smile for you. Come visit our dentist at Hamden and express your concerns. Dentures Wallingford Connecticut. Home › Dentures When all or most of the teeth are lost, a dental restoration becomes necessary in order to stay healthy.

Dentures Wallingford Connecticut

Dentures are restorations that are developed to reestablish the basic functionality of natural teeth. A denture has an acrylic base that replicates gums over which porcelain crowns are attached. Dental Implants North Haven CT. Home › Dental Implants Tooth loss can be very harmful to your oral health and your smile.

Dental Implants North Haven CT

The gap created from tooth loss attracts a number of dental problems which can have long-lasting consequences. One of the most notable among such dental problems is the loss of supporting bone structure. When a tooth is lost, the jawbone starts to shrink because of lack of stimulation. The process is irreversible. Implant Crowns North Haven CT. Dental Implant Crowns Wallingford CT. Home › Dental Crowns Among the various types of materials and restorations used to support the functionality of weak and damaged natural teeth, dental crowns have a special place.

Made of porcelain, dental crowns can be fabricated to exact shape of a natural tooth crown. Emergency Dentistry Hamden CT. Home › Emergency Dentistry Nothing is more miserable than the discomfort caused to oral cavity. This disturbs the day life-cycle and takes away peace of mind from an individual. Invisible Braces Hamden CT. Home › Invisible Braces Invisible Braces Wholehearted smile spreads positive vibes and creates an active environment around the person.

Wrongly shaped teeth can steal the beauty of this movement by holding back the smile from coming out. It is very disturbing when misaligned teeth suppress this wonderful gesture within oneself. Through orthodontics, one can reposition the teeth to perfect order, but to do so the patient has to accept the pain applying unattractive metal pieces over the teeth. Orthodontic treatment has advanced in the past few years to come out with marvelous products which reshape the smile, while not not coloring it with metal wires during the course. Root Canal Treatment Hamden CT. Dental Implants Hamden CT. Partial and Complete Dentures Hamden CT. Home › Dentures When many of your teeth are loose or painful, they may be beyond saving. This condition is usually caused by advanced periodontal disease. If you are not a good candidate for implants, then removing your teeth and replacing them with a denture may be the best way to eliminate the infection and restore the health of your mouth A Full Denture replaces all the missing teeth in the upper and lower jaw.

Dental Bridges Hamden Connecticut. Dental Fillings Hamden CT. Teeth Whitening Hamden CT. Pediatric Dentistry Hamden CT. Home › Pediatric Dentistry " We love seeing your kids! Many of our patient families are several generations strong, and entrust their kids to our care. Gum Care Hamden Connecticut. Dental Cleaning Hamden CT. Invisible Aligners Hamden CT. Iveri Teeth Whitening Hamden CT. Hamden CT Emergency Dentist, Invisible Braces, Dental Implant Crowns, Dentures, Teeth Whitening and Root Canal Treatment.