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Wifi. Satelite. GSM. Quality Network. JoikuBoost démultiplie la vitesse de l'Internet mobile. Le WiGig : 10 à 20 fois plus rapide que le Wi-Fi - DegroupNews. WIMAX. Wifi. Miracasf Label. Wi-Fi Alliance. Discover Wi-Fi Portable Wi-Fi® that goes with you anywhere Wi-Fi CERTIFIED Wi-Fi Direct® is a certification mark for devices supporting a technology that enables Wi-Fi devices to connect directly, making it simple and convenient to do things like print, share, sync and display.

Wi-Fi Alliance

Products bearing the Wi-Fi Direct certification mark can connect to one another without joining a traditional home, office or hotspot network. Mobile phones, cameras, printers, PCs, and gaming devices connect to each other directly to transfer content and share applications quickly and easily. Devices can make a one-to-one connection, or a group of several devices can connect simultaneously.

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Lifi. Bluetooth. Others. Trend. Wireless Sensor / metric. Company Operator.