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Introducing Squarespace 6. Today, after years of effort, it is with great pleasure that we announce the public release of Squarespace 6. At its core, Squarespace is about your online identity. Your web presence is a direct extension of your personality. It is critically important all businesses and individuals not only have an online presence they are proud of, but one that they are in control of. The driving purpose behind Squarespace 6 is to give our customers immediate access to the best in modern web design, unrivaled tools to create dynamic pages, blogs, and galleries, and social integrations that always keep you connected – all in an elegant interface that makes managing your website a joy.

There are many exciting things to talk about in this release, but first some perspective. The first version of Squarespace was launched in January 2004. Squarespace 6 comes loaded with over 50 new features. I’d like to highlight a few areas where the new system really shines. Existing Customers & Upgrading Pricing Thank You. Build a Website - Squarespace 6. 5 services en ligne pour les concepteurs et les développeurs Web.

Être concepteur ou développeur Web n’est pas de tout repos.

5 services en ligne pour les concepteurs et les développeurs Web

Répondre aux exigences des clients, créer des sites sur mesure, il faut savoir anticiper et innover. Analyse, créativité et rigueur sont souvent les maîtres mots. Histoire de vous simplifier certaines tâches, j’ai dégoté 5 services en ligne pour les concepteurs et les développeurs Web… Online Code Editor - Codeanywhere - Codeanywhere. Codeanywhere. Description Codeanywhere is a fast and light code editor engineered for the developer on the go.


Featured in TechCrunch, PandoDaily, TheNextWeb. (Please note that this app requires the user to login to be able to synchronize your settings across all platforms.) Codeanywhere is a text, code and markup editor, that has been redesigned and reengineered to be light, fast, and mobile-friendly. Connect to your FTP, SFTP Servers, Dropbox or Github account and easily manipulate your resources, folders or files just with the swipe of your finger.

Share and collaborate on projects or just a single file - from wherever you are, and of course quickly edit code with our keyboard that has been customised for developers on the go. Codeanywhere makes developers forget what device they are working on and let them concentrate on getting work done - be it from the iPad, iPhone, or the desktop. Codeanywhere, it lets you do just that. Codeanywhere also works on the desktop (Mac and PC). ...More. Typetester – Compare fonts for the screen. Kuler. Photo editor online - edit image. CSSDesk - Online CSS Sandbox.

Handy Chrome Extensions for Designers. All these extensions are absolutely free.

Handy Chrome Extensions for Designers

Earlier on, Google Chrome was thought to be a threat only to internet explorer, because it was a choice of not-so-professionals. Things have changed now and its extensions are now posing a threat to Firefox’s popularity. Today I’m presenting a big list of the best Chrome extensions for designers. These extensions (you might call them “plugins”) will help you a great deal in creating your graphics and designs. 1.2 - Reminder: BlueGriffon is Open Source, and available free of charge.

1.2 -

If you want to support BlueGriffon, please buy our add-ons! Warning: you may have to delete your BlueGriffon profile if you installed and used pre-1.0 versions of the editor or if you have trouble changing the language of the interface. You will have to re-install your add-ons after that. on Mac OS X: delete ~/Library/Application\ Support/BlueGriffonon Windows XP: delete c:\Documents and Settings\yourlogin\Application Data\Disruptive Innovations SARLon Windows 7: delete c:\Users\yourlogin\AppData\Roaming\Disruptive Innovations SARLon Linux: delete ~/.disruptive\ innovations\ sarl. BlueGriffon - Wysiwyg HTML Editor - Ubuntu 10.10. Ultimate CSS Gradient Generator - /* Permalink - use to edit and share this gradient: */ background: #1e5799; /* Old browsers */

Ultimate CSS Gradient Generator -

Css(4 included) Html Editor. Kodingen – Le développement dans le cloud. Grâce à Laurent, lecteur de, j'ai découvert Kodingen, un service web qui va surement vous "effrayer" mais aussi vous faire halluciner.

Kodingen – Le développement dans le cloud

L'objectif de Kodingen est de proposer aux développeurs, un espace de travail dans le cloud (le fameux "nuage" = stockage sur internet). Cela signifie que vous n'avez besoin de rien à part une connexion internet pour développer vos applications web. Kodingen propose en effet plusieurs choses vraiment sympas : Evidemment, tout le code est exécutable sur les serveurs de Kodingen, ce qui vous permet de tester vos codes sources directement, sans devoir monter un nouveau vhost ou serveur. Je vous mets la petite vidéo de présentation qui bien qu'en anglais, vous montrera l'essentiel de cette solution. : Online Development Environment, ODE from Kodingen on Vimeo. Tout ceci est encore en beta et gratuit, mais je pense que ça évoluera au fil du temps. Le service gratuit est limité à Kodingen, c'est par là. Vous avez aimé cet article ?