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HTML5 vs Native: The Mobile App Debate. Introduction Mobile apps and HTML5 are two of the hottest technologies right now, and there's plenty of overlap.

HTML5 vs Native: The Mobile App Debate

Web apps run in mobile browsers and can also be re-packaged as native apps on the various mobile platforms. With the wide range of platforms to support, combined with the sheer power of mobile browsers, developers are turning to HTML5 as a "write one, run many" solution. But is it really viable? There are still compelling reasons to go native, and clearly, many developers are indeed going that route. Débat : Web Apps VS Natif. WWDC 2011 Session Videos - Development Videos. What's New in Safari Extensions Play Safari Extensions can add buttons to the Safari toolbar, display a bar with custom content, or modify the appearance of a web page — all with standard HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

WWDC 2011 Session Videos - Development Videos

See how easy it is to get started with Safari's built-in Extension Builder, and how to create an extension that can execute scripts, apply CSS styles, and display context menus. Mobile Web App vs. Native App? It's Complicated. HTML5, Hybrid or Native Mobile App Development? Build, test, run and manage mobile apps Experience the IBM Worklight Developer Edition IBM Worklight helps you extend your business to mobile devices.

HTML5, Hybrid or Native Mobile App Development?

It is designed to provide an open, comprehensive platform to build, run and manage HTML5, hybrid and native mobile apps. I/O 2011. I/O 2011. Web vs native.