Native Bridge Windows Unix (no VM)

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Babun – Enfin un vrai terminal sous Windows

Des commandes Linux / Unix sous Windows. Des commandes Linux / Unix sous Windows Si vous aimez Linux et que pour des raisons professionnelles ou divines, vous devez utiliser Windows, je suis sûr que certaines commandes comme vim, grep, ls, make, wget, dd, curl, tar...etc vous manquent terriblement !

Des commandes Linux / Unix sous Windows

N'ai pas les boules Abdoul ! Car il existe 4 solutions qui vont vous permettre de disposer des utilitaires de bases de Linux/Unix/BSD compilés spécialement pour Windows. Cygwin. Wine (software) Wine is a free and open source software application that aims to allow applications designed for Microsoft Windows to run on Unix-like operating systems.

Wine (software)

Wine also provides a software library, known as Winelib, against which developers can compile Windows applications to help port them to Unix-like systems.[3] The name Wine initially was an acronym for windows emulator.[7] Its meaning later shifted to the recursive backronym, wine is not an emulator in order to differentiate the software from CPU emulators.[8] While the name sometimes appears in the forms WINE and wine, the project developers have agreed to standardize on the form Wine.[9] The phrase "wine is not an emulator" is a reference to the fact that no processor code execution emulation occurs when running a Windows application under Wine. "Emulation" usually refers to the execution of compiled code intended for one processor (such as x86) by interpreting/recompiling software running on a different processor (such as PowerPC).

How To Install SCP and SSH On Windows 7 Using Cygwin. Posted by alex in Insights at 10:47 AM I use Cygwin on Windows to make my Windows only computers as comfortable as possible to me.

How To Install SCP and SSH On Windows 7 Using Cygwin

This comfort is provided by the Linux command line utilities that allow me to work. Lauching setup.exe fro update & settings.