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LoRa Network / LoRanWAN

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LoRa Technology. LoRaWAN Architecture. How to deploy your IoT network. Whether you are a service provider, a utility company or a private network operator, ThingPark Wireless is designed to meet your needs for the most advanced core network capabilities.

How to deploy your IoT network

Thanks to our extensive experience of national network roll-outs around the globe, Actility provides the most advanced LoRaWAN core network server available. Turnkey IoT network ThingPark Wireless combines an LPWA core network and an Operations Support System (OSS). The first manages communications between connected objects, base stations and applications. The second enables network operators to supervise the network infrastructure, manage connectivity plans and control roles and access rights, within a reliable and scaleable solution. Start-up & Co: Actility, le pionnier de l'Internet des objets.

Actility, l'autre pépite française des réseaux pour objets connectés. La start-up française, membre fondateur du réseau LoRa, lève 70 millions d'euros, un record en 2017.

Actility, l'autre pépite française des réseaux pour objets connectés

Actility, spécialisée dans les réseaux mobiles pour l'Internet des objets, fait une nouvelle fois la démonstration du savoir-faire français dans les télécoms. La start-up de Lannion vient de lever 70 millions d'euros (75 millions de dollars), la plus grosse opération réalisée par une start-up du pays depuis le début de l'année. Trois nouveaux investisseurs participent à ce tour de table: le groupe allemand Bosch, Creadev (le family office de la famille Mulliez) et l'américain Inmarsat.

Ils rejoignent les investisseurs historiques, qui avaient participé à la levée de fonds de 25 millions d'euros en 2015 aux côtés du fonds Idinvest, de Foxconn (le sous-traitant d'Apple) et d'Orange Digital Venture. Bpifrance participe ... A DIY Low-cost LoRa gateway. C.

A DIY Low-cost LoRa gateway

Pham, LIUPPA laboratory, University of Pau, France. last update: April 2nd, 2017. Follow this link for building end-devices Get the step-by-step tutorial on how to build the low-cost LoRa gateway 1. This page describes our low-cost LoRa gateway based on a Raspberry PI. The work presented here is part of the EU H2020 WAZIUP project (grant agreement number 687607, 2016-2019) which objective is to develop low-cost IoT solutions for deployment in sub-saharian African countries. There are many advanced and well-integrated LoRa gateways capable of simultaneous reception on several channels and implementing the LoRaWAN specification (see slides).

Download: github (drop me a mail if you use our development so that we could advertise it) gw_full_latest folder: the latest version of the gateway software the modified SX1272 library (initial version comes from Libelium) with enhanced features: support of SX1276, LBT & CSMA-like, ... Supports Raspberry 1B+, RPI2 and RPI3. 2.

SigFox Vs. LoRa: A Comparison Between Technologies & Business Models. SigFox and LoRa have been competitors in the LPWAN space for several years.

SigFox Vs. LoRa: A Comparison Between Technologies & Business Models

And while the business models and technologies behind the companies are quite different, the end goals are very similar. The goal of the LoRa Alliance, LoRaWAN adopters, and SigFox is that mobile network operators adopt their technology for IoT deployments over both city and nationwide low power, wide-area networks (LPWANs). But there are some prominent differences between how each technology plans to achieve this goal and which applications the technology is best suited for. A DIY Low-cost LoRa gateway. Building your own private LoRa network - Getting started with LoRa on mbed. There is a lot of buzz about LoRa, a wide-area network solution that promises kilometers of range with very low power consumption, a perfect fit for the Internet of Things.

Building your own private LoRa network - Getting started with LoRa on mbed

Telecom operators are rolling out LoRa networks, but because LoRa operates in the open spectrum, you can also set up your own network. This article discusses the requirements to build a private LoRa network and how to use the network to send data from an ARM mbed end-node to the cloud. Note on LoRa vs. LoRaWAN: Technically, we’re building a LoRaWAN network in this article. LoRa is the modulation technique used (PHY), and LoRaWAN is the network protocol on top of the physical layer (MAC). Requirements. The Things Network.