HTML 5 code Example

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The Code Player – Le replay des codeurs Vous aimez coder mais bizarrement, vous ne savez pas si vous avez la "technique" ni si ce que vous faites est vraiment efficace... Dans ce cas, pourquoi ne pas observer la façon de développer d'autres personnes ? The Code Player – Le replay des codeurs The Code Player – Le replay des codeurs
Canvas is a HTML5 element which can be used to draw graphics via scripting (JavaScript). For example, it can be used to draw graphs, make photo compositions or even perform animations. learn more HTML5 defines a standard way to embed video in a web page, using a element.

Awesome HTML5 Dashboard

Awesome HTML5 Dashboard
Drag'n List Drag'n List Just drag and drop some files there. About This service allows you to easily create lists of file names using the Drag'n Drop functionnality. The file extension will be automatically removed (you can change it in the options). The order of the list is the same as the selection and the first element is the one you click to drag'n drop.
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