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How to include and use ZXing Library in Android with eclipse. Integrate zxing barcode scanner into your Android app natively using Eclipse « Damian Flannery's Blog. June 13, 2011 Update: Please note that this tutorial was written over a year ago.

Integrate zxing barcode scanner into your Android app natively using Eclipse « Damian Flannery's Blog

ZXing has moved on quite a bit since then as have the Android Developer Tools. I haven’t had time to revisit and update the post but it should give you a good steer in the right direction. Some of the comments at the bottom may be able to help you out if you encounter any troubles. Edit: Sean Owen, one of the developers for ZXing has posted a comment to this blog warning of the pitfalls of integrating ZXing into your own app; doing so just to avoid having your users take that extra step of installing from the market is not a good reason. So to be clear, do not use this method unless it is absolutely necessary, and if you do have to – make sure that override your intent filters so that other apps that want to use zxing do not end up calling your modified version.

Fortunately, the app is also open source so I will show you how to cleanly build this capability into your project. Almost there! ZXing QR Reader Direct Integration. This is step by step tutorial what you need to do, when you want have QR scanner inside your application, and you don’t want to have full screen camera output on the screen: 1) First go to the ZXing project from here and download projects file 2) From downloaded archive take the android project “android” and jar file core.jar from core directory, and create from it eclipse project: You must include core.jar into the build path, and you should see all zxing client packages like here. 3) Then mark this project as Android Library project: 4) There are needed small changes in the original code. a.

ZXing QR Reader Direct Integration

B. C. D. 5) Now create your new project, I call it “scanner” here, and mark that it is using previous library project: 6) Also include core.jar into the build path. 7) Now we have two projects, one as library, one as main. 8) Make your main activity is derived from CaptureActivitypublic class ScannerActivity extends CaptureActivity This is basic integration of the QR reader. ScanningViaIntent - zxing - Simple scanning on Android, by calling Barcode Scanner via Intent - Multi-format 1D/2D barcode image processing library with clients for Android, Java.

zXing 1.7 for Android, on eclipse « mCruiseOn Dev's Blog. Self Advertisement —–Start of Advertisement——- BUILD CAR POOL SOLUTIONS ON ANY DEVICE TO RUN ANYWHERE (

zXing 1.7 for Android, on eclipse « mCruiseOn Dev's Blog

Introducing mCruiseOn, the java library /json api’s that you can use to build a car pool solution. Be the next,, mCruiseOn is your one stop API on EC2. ——End of Advertisement——- The zxing guys have made it easier to create a android project with 1.7. Its not as painful as it used to be. . - Checkout the zxing sources from - Create a Android project on your eclipse - Delete main.xml - Right click on “src” directory and hit import. A android project for zxing 1.7 (June 20 checkout). Edited One more interesting blog to help you out Self Advertisement :) BUILD CAR POOL SOLUTIONS ON ANY DEVICE TO RUN ANYWHERE (

Like this: Like Loading... Modifying the Android Barcode Scanner - a knol by Alec Go. ZXing QR Reader Direct Integration. Maven - ild against zxing 2.0 in central repo. Android - Updating sdk got NoClassDefFoundError for zxing.

For some reason, ADT is no longer including libraries from your build path in the generated .apk file. To fix, create a "libs" folder in the root of your project (ie: bin, src, assets, libs) and put the core.jar file in there. Remove all other instances from your build path, and everything should work fine. – drone