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D-Link DI-624

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Installing OpenWrt on D-Link DI-624+ Rev.A. Hello guys... First of all you should know that I am a noob in Linux... I don't use Linux and all the Administrators I asked offered the solution with Linux. My ISP closed the access to the routers by modifying the TTL in server with the 1 value. I have to modify this one to 64 because I really need to connect a Wireless Laptop to the Internet and they didn't offer any wireless solutions. The Laptop and the desktop I am willing to connect to the router are using Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition.

Ihave the D-Link DI-624+ Revision A: I found an article on the internet: which refers exact to this problem but the inconvenient is that they use a linksys router not D-Link: I looked up in the table of compatibilities but I didn't find my router: Telechargement de pilote D-Link. Di-624. Hi, i've defeated di624. sorry for a long story Chapter one: full flash backup. 1. i've cheked contents of original upgrade firmware from dlink ftp site. it appeared to be of two kinds:1 - 0x0e0000 size2 - 0x100000 size 1st kind consists of an NML.ARJ file (yes, good oldies), zero pad, board id ("AP52-AR2316-RT -00")and checksum (32bit big-endian XOR with 0xaabbbbaa). 2nd kind consists of loader code, BAK.ARJ, zero pad, board id ("AP52-AR2316-RT -00") and 1st part. I've used IDA to disassemble loader and archive contents (BAK.MEM, NML.MEM). Loader itself consists of two parts: first - set up sdram controller, loads the second part at the end of the ramand executes it. second part (depending on reset button GPIO state) unarj either BAK.ARJ or NML.ARJ to 0x80000000 addess and executes it.

Chapter two: uart. Chapter three: redboot Chapter four: linux Chapter five: madwifi I've failed to build madwifi from dlink tarball, so i picked up the latest from madwifi site. OpenWrt. D-Link DI-624+ This WiFi router currently acts as my access point. I am highly fascinated by embedded hardware and therefore couldn't keep my hands from this thing. So far I haven't done anything to the firmware or whatever but just had a look at both hard- and software.

May the information be of use to someone. The following is true for hardware revision A1. If somebody has any information about A3 I would be grateful to get them. Hardware The original manufacturer of the boards is as usual "Global Sun Tech". Some of the components used The WiFi daughter module is a mini-PCI board with a Texas Instruments TNETW1130 (ACX111) chip on it. Firmware The flash seems to be split into two parts: a basic boot and recovery part and the user updateable part. The user updateable part represents the main software with which the router runs. The real time operating system used is called "ThreadX" from Express Logic.

Internals A test menu can be obtained by loading the page Sytem starting ... D-Link s'apprête à fermer la backdoor de ses routeurs. Vous êtes ici : Accueil / Infrastructure / D-Link s’apprête à fermer la backdoor de ses routeurs D-Link devrait diffuser un correctif avant la fin octobre pour combler la vulnérabilité qui ouvre grand l’accès à ses routeurs Wifi. Mais ne s’est pas montré très disert sur les raisons expliquant la présence de cette backdoor au sein de ses produits. « Nous travaillons activement avec les auteurs des rapports tout en continuant à examiner la gamme complète de produits pour s’assurer que les vulnérabilités découvertes seront comblées. » D-Link n’aura pas mis longtemps à réagir face à la divulgation de l’existence d’une backdoor par le chercheur en sécurité Craig Heffner.

D-Link devrait donc diffuser, très prochainement (avant la fin du mois), une nouvelle version du firmware des routeurs concernés par la vulnérabilité. Celle-ci permettait de s’introduire dans l’interface d’administration des machines et d’en prendre le contrôle sans avoir à renseigner d’identifiants. Avast!