Command line (Dos)

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Writing comments in Bat Files - GdP Software. It is always a good idea to write comments in your bat-files.

Writing comments in Bat Files - GdP Software

Your comments will help you to understand your own bat-files later on. More important: they help others to understand how it all works. The REM statement This is the most common way to write comments.

DOS - String Manipulation

SetX - Set environment variables. Set environment variables permanently, SETX can be used to set Environment Variables for the machine (HKLM) or currently logged on user (HKCU): Syntax SETX [/s Computer [Credentials]] Variable Value [/m] SETX [/s Computer [Credentials]] [Variable] /k RegistryPath [/m] SETX [/s Computer [Credentials]] /f FileName {[Variable] {/a L,T | /r oL,oT "SearchString"} [/m] | /x} [/d Delimiters] Key: /s Computer The name or IP address of a remote computer.

SetX - Set environment variables

Do not use backslashes. (default = the local computer) Credentials The username and password used to connect to Computer: /u [Domain\]UserName [/p [Password]]] /u [Domain\]UserName Run the script with the credentials of the specified user account. The default value is the system permissions. /p [Password] The password of the user account that is specified in the /u parameter. For DOS command help. Quick links About forAvailabilitySyntaxExamples About for The FOR variable is used for batch files to run a specified command when a parameter is met or specified.

for DOS command help

Echo (DOS)

XCOPY. Example[edit] Create a new directory by copying all contents of the existing directory, including any files or subdirectories having the "hidden" or "system" attributes and empty directories. xcopy e:\existing e:\newcopy /s /e /i /h If the directory names include blank signs(spaces), the names can be put in quotation marks. xcopy "D:\Documents and Settings\MY.USERNAME\My Documents\*" "E:\MYBACKUP\My Documents\" /D/E/C/Y.


Sauvegardes manuelles: Xcopy et Robocopy - Win Vista - Windows & Software. Feature Comparison: XXCOPY vs ROBOCOPY. [ Back to Table of Contents ] [ << ] [ >> ] From: Kan Yabumoto To: XXCOPY user Subject: Feature comparison: XXCOPY vs ROBOCOPY Date: 2002-12-03 (Revised) =============================================================================== Introduction: Since we receive a large number of inquiries about XXCOPY's relative strength and weakness against ROBOCOPY, the administrator's tool bundled with Microsoft's Windows NT/2000/XP Reseource Kit, this article was created to contrast the two utilities.

Feature Comparison: XXCOPY vs ROBOCOPY

Apparently, ROBOCOPY (which stands for Robust Copy) and XXCOPY both come from Microsoft's XCOPY utility as the basis for the overall approach which of course comes from COMMAND.COM's built-in COPY command. As its name implies, XXCOPY adheres to XCOPY's general behavior very closely. BoxCryptor – Le chiffrement pour Dropbox. Liste des commandes Windows - La solution.

Suppression Recursive et RDMIR, FOR et DIR [RESOLU] - Shell/Batch - Programmation.

For exmple in order to erase all '.svn' folder of a projet : for /F "tokens=*" %%i IN ('dir /a:d /b /s *.svn') DO rmdir /S /Q "%%i" – drone

Visual Command Line – Un éditeur pour vos batchs. Batfiles: The DOS batch file programming handbook & Tutorial. DOS Command: SUBST. The description below is from the bookDOS the Easy Way by Everett Murdock Ph.D.

DOS Command: SUBST

CLICK HERE for information about downloading the book. Type: External (3.1 and later) Mklink in Windows. Mklink is a MS Windows command line utility that you can use to create symbolic links or symlinks and hard links in MS Windows.

Mklink in Windows

Mklink is a nice tool for troubleshooting file system problems. Mklink requires administrative privileges.