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Latif Yahia Blog. One year ago Osama bin Laden was shot dead by US Navy Seals during a raid on his home in Pakistan. His death has brought a range of information on the reclusive al-Qaeda leader to light, however there are still some key pieces of information left in the dark. Following the Navy SEAL mission to infiltrate Bin Laden's Abbottabad complex, his body was taken away by the American secret service and buried at sea. The American government insisted it had done this in order to prevent his burial site becoming a shrine, however the usual conspiracy theories came to rise. Latif Yahia Blog.
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This Oscar-winning doc is still required viewing for activists, cinephiles, and... everyone else. "Fatal Attraction" meets "Election" in this stunning portrait of obsession. What Jay & Beyoncé are to music, Linda & Burt were to obsessive stalking. Remade as indie hit "Prince Avalanche" with Paul Rudd.