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Fix Roku Error Code 014.40. Roku is one of the best smart t available in the market.

Fix Roku Error Code 014.40

Like other smart TVs, Roku uses the internet to stream online content. Fix Epic Games Launcher Not Working. Many people use epic games launcher to play games by epic example Fortnite on their computer.

Fix Epic Games Launcher Not Working

Epic game launcher works fine on windows 10/8/7. But many users face epic games launcher not working, not opening, or flickering issue when they try to play games via the epic launcher. There are various reasons for this we’ve mentioned below: Remove From Continue Watching on Vudu. Continue watching is a feature available across almost all major streaming services including vudu.

Remove From Continue Watching on Vudu

Continue watching feature allows the user to access the show from the point where it was left last time. Sometimes you might want to remove a movie or show from the continue watching in vudu for some reason. Fix Discord Stuck in RTC Connecting Error. Discord, an American VoIP or you can say a popular group-chatting platform, where gamers can create their server and communicate with their fans or friends via text messages, video calls, and voice calls also, you can share media and files on discord.

Fix Discord Stuck in RTC Connecting Error

Some users reported that they are facing an error named RTC connecting/no route error. RTC is known as real-time connectivity, it is a form of communication where you can share information with some people in real-time without facing any delay. Going live is an example of real-time connectivity. And, when RTC connecting errors occur you’ll not be able to take part in the live video call, voice call on discord. Twitch error code 2000: Network error. Fixed: Spotify Application is Not Responding.

On Spotify community forums many users have posted that their Spotify application is not responding on their pc.

Fixed: Spotify Application is Not Responding

They’ve tried many things and tricks but nothing fixes the issue on their laptop or desktop. If you’re also facing the Spotify app not responding on your pc then don’t worry you’re not alone. In this post, we are some working tricks and tips to fix the Spotify app not opening on your pc. Fix Roku Error Code 014.40 Unable to connect to wireless network Solved. How to fix discord keeps crashing. Discord is one of the most popular VoIP application in the gaming community.

How to fix discord keeps crashing

It allows users to lively communicate with their friends and in-game teammates. Watch deleted youtube videos with link. Not many people know this but they can watch deleted youtube videos.

Watch deleted youtube videos with link

You can even watch private youtube videos using the internet archive wayback machine. As not many normal internet users know about internet archive that’s why they don’t know that are ways to watch videos on youtube which are private or deleted. You watched a youtube last month by now either it is deleted or set as a private. But you want to watch it again, you can do this by using the wayback machine. In this post, we’ll explain how to watch removed youtube videos and what can you do if the wayback machine didn’t work for that video.

First of all, you need to find the link of the deleted or private youtube video which you can want to watch. How to delete psn account. Youtube no results found. Youtube is the most usable video platform in the world.

Youtube no results found

Youtube has around 2 billion active users worldwide and comes in the second position that is most popular in social media. People search their favorite songs, videos, etc every day on Youtube. Sometimes Youtube returns no results found because the Youtube search is not working properly. Ticketmaster error code 0002. Ticketmaster is an American sales and distribution company which is in California.

Ticketmaster error code 0002

With the help of Ticketmaster, you can book the ticket for concerts, sports, arts and theatre, family and more. Nowadays many people are getting the error code 0002 on their screen when they try to book tickets. In this context, we will discuss the causes behind this error and how you can get rid of this error. Public Networking: If you’re using Ticketmaster over the school, colleges, office, or public wifi then you can face Ticketmaster error 0002. Fixed: 0x8024a105 Windows Update Error. Error code 0x8024a105 is faced by many users when they try to update their windows version.

Fixed: 0x8024a105 Windows Update Error

This error code happens due to incorrect installations of files, a virus, or a missing file or folder. You’ll not find it in the windows error list, this is related to automatic update clients. We’ve done some research and found the best ways to resolve the windows update error code (0x8024a105). This is one of the easiest and working methods to fix the windows update error. Just follow the steps below: From the bottom left side of the screen search for Powershell.Right-click on the PowerShell and choose run as administrator. Now you need to stop wuauserv (windows update service) and bits (Background Intelligent Transfer Service) by steps belowIn the PowerShell type, net stop wuauserv and hit enter then type net stop bits and hit enter. Amazon fire tablet not charging at all. We all love the Amazon fire tablet for being one of the best budget tablet devices in the market.

Fire Tablet Won't Turn ON. Is your kindle fire tablet not turning on? Well, this is a common issue with fire tablet, every fire tablet owner faces this issue once in the life span of their fire tablet. I owned the fire tablet 7th generation, I faced this issue with my tablet. Hulu watch history. Hulu is one of the best streaming services available. Fix netlfix error code ui3010. Just picked a coke from the fridge and went to your sofa to watch your favorite show on Netflix, and faced Netflix error code ui3010. Now what? Connect Twitch to Amazon Prime. How to Disable Bixby Button. As we all know Samsung is one of the best smartphone company and with the launch of Samsung s8 smartphone they introduced the world with their voice assistant Bixby. A rival voice assistant for Google’s Assistant, Amazon’s Alexa, and Apple’s Siri.

Bixby has similar functions/features like other voice assistants. Bixby can launch apps, send text messages, change any settings inside the app, and some other voice command you can give. And later Samsung s8 all flagship and a50 onward series have Bixby. How to Clear Cache and Cookies on Firefox Desktop and Mobile App. When you use Firefox, it saves some of your information from websites in its cache and cookies.

Remove credit card from google play. People add their credit cards to google play services for various reasons like buying apps or any other services from google play store and applications. Sometimes people want to remove their credit cards from the play store as it’s expired or a child paid some dollars for the skin of a gun in a game.