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Dr Nisha writes on health and beauty care and she is an active member of many social networks and works consistently to help people with her knowledge.

8 DIY Home Remedies For Ringworm Treatment At Home. Ringworm is not caused by worms but actually it is a skin condition that arises due to the action of several fungi.

8 DIY Home Remedies For Ringworm Treatment At Home

This condition can potentially arise on our skin, scalp or nails. It does form a characteristic ring-like, rough rash with the skin inside the ring unaffected and intact. 6 Home Remedies For Teeth Whitening Get Rid Of Yellow Teeth. White and healthy teeth are something every individual must maintain to smile and laugh beautifully.

6 Home Remedies For Teeth Whitening Get Rid Of Yellow Teeth

It is also important from the oral health point of view and hence tooth cleanliness must be our first priority just like we take care of our face or hair. Yellow set of teeth makes anyone conscious whenever they talk, smile or laugh fearing that everyone will notice the poor color of their teeth. Our tooth consists of four layers- outermost enamel, dentine, pulp and cementum.

Enamel is white colored layer of tooth which gets stained or broken down due to many factors resulting in the yellow colored dentine inside to become visible. Various causes such as poor dental hygiene, excessive consumption of tea or coffee, tobacco chewing, smoking, heredity factors, aging, tooth infections, high doses of antibiotics, improper metabolism as well as climatic conditions lead to discoloration of teeth. 7 DIY Home Remedies For Cellulite On Stomach And Thighs! Cellulite affects almost all women especially in areas like stomach, thighs, legs and buttocks.

7 DIY Home Remedies For Cellulite On Stomach And Thighs!

Cellulite is basically free-floating deposition of fat cells that give an appearance of dimples surface. Cellulite or sub-dermal fats prevent women to wear shorts and miniskirts of their choice but instead they have to hide them by wearing fully covered trousers or jeans. Major reasons attributed to this issue are unhealthy lifestyle, improper diet, poor blood circulation, hormonal changes, sitting or standing in one place continuously, and genetic effects.

6 Home Remedies For Scabies- Simple Herbal Treatments. Sarcoptes Scabiei is a dangerous mite which has the capability to live on the human skin for over a month resulting into scabies.

6 Home Remedies For Scabies- Simple Herbal Treatments

Scabies is a highly contagious skin condition that can spread to anyone who comes in contact, engages in sexual intercourse or using things of the sufferer. It usually arises in children and young adults causing a great deal of pain, rashes, itching and redness on skin along with blisters and swelling. 6 Home Remedies For Whiteheads On Nose, Chin And Cheeks. Whiteheads or clinically termed as comedones are bound to happen in people who are suffering from pimples and acne.

6 Home Remedies For Whiteheads On Nose, Chin And Cheeks

They usually occur on face on parts which are prone to oiliness or greasiness like nose, chin and cheeks. They are milder form of acne and usually crop up due to blockage of skin pores with bacteria, dead skin or dirt resulting into a bump known as whitehead. The potent reasons of triggering whiteheads are acne, oily skin, stress, poor diet, smoking habit and improper cleansing of face. Although whiteheads are harmless from medical point of view, they cause our face look unpleasant and unattractive. 7 Most Amazing Home Remedies for Blackheads On Face. Not everyone can afford to see a dermatologist or get regular facials all the time now.

7 Most Amazing Home Remedies for Blackheads On Face

Can they? But does that mean that they have to live with blackheads all their life? Absolutely not! 6 Home Remedies For Pimples- Get Rid Of Acne Quickly! Pimples make our face look appalling and hideous and it is too difficult to cover them from everyone’s notice.

6 Home Remedies For Pimples- Get Rid Of Acne Quickly!

Normally, the sebaceous glands present below our skin secrete sebum or oil to keep our skin adequately moisturized. But due to some reasons, these oil glands become overactive and lead to producing extra sebum. This extra sebum, dirt or bacterial infection in turn clogs the skin pores and leads to an inflammation in the form of outgrowths called pimples. The oil glands become overactive due to reasons like hormonal changes, eating spicy food, stress, sleep deprivation, etc. There are many products out there in the market which claim to curb these pesky pimples as well as the unappealing marks left by them but there is very less amount of truth in those claims. 6 Home Remedies For Hair Loss To Trigger Fast Hair Growth. Everyone craves for voluminous and wavy hair that they can flaunt in front of everybody and hair loss is certainly a hindrance to achieve that.

6 Home Remedies For Hair Loss To Trigger Fast Hair Growth

Well, a normal adult loses about 50 to 100 strands of hair in a day and possess more than 100000 hair strands. So, losing this many hairs in a day is quite normal and one must not make unnecessary fuss about it. But in case one loses more than 100 hair strands a day and starts developing bald patches on head then it’s definitely an alarming condition.

Simple no one wants to lose hair as it makes them look unattractive and aged. Best Natural Herbal Muscle Gainer Products for Skinny Men. Dietary control and regular exercises are popular ways to gain muscle mass.

Best Natural Herbal Muscle Gainer Products for Skinny Men

These are natural ways and should ideally deliver results in each case, but large numbers of people remain dissatisfied with the results even after trying these methods with discipline and regularity for substantial duration. The reason is that body of many males and females do not respond to these efforts in the way assumed. This poor response of body shields good effects of diet and exercise and prevents results from showing-up. To resolve this problem, perfect herbal muscle gainer products have been designed which affect and improve internal mechanism of the body so that it not only responds to dietary and exercising regimen but also maintains healthy system even in their absence.

5 Easy Home Remedies for Weight Loss- Control Obesity. Losing weight is something that is a lot easier said than done.

5 Easy Home Remedies for Weight Loss- Control Obesity

People who have been dealing with this problem for a while find it really hard to lose weight no matter what they do. This may be because they are not trying the correct things; there may be a host of other reasons for this as well. Some people just prefer gobbling up diet pills in the hopes that these will help them lose weight. Unfortunately, all these pills do is intoxicate their body and may even lead to some serious side effects in the future.

6 Home Remedies For Weight Loss That Are Quick And Safe! Obesity is not good from the aesthetic point of view as it makes a person look flabby, unhealthy and unattractive. A fat person also doesn’t have enough stamina and energy to carry our strenuous tasks and gets tired very easily. Moreover, obese people are unable to wear clothes of their choice and have to compromise with whichever limited options of clothing they have. More importantly being overweight is also bad in terms of health as excessive deposited body fat is a source of many diseases like diabetes, heart problems, etc. 6 Highly Recommended Home Remedies For Eczema. Eczema, scientifically known as atopic dermatitis, is basically a chronic skin condition which is characterized mainly by itchy, dry skin and bad rashes.

12 Useful Home Remedies For Dry Mouth- Must Know Oral Tips. When you lose too much saliva from your mouth it leads to a condition known as dry mouth. In this condition, it becomes difficult for a person to swallow, eat or even talk. Dryness in your mouth is something that can be caused by a large number of different factors including a dysfunctional immune system, radiation therapy, neurological disorders, hormonal disorders, medications or drugs, rheumatoid conditions, etc. Herbal Thyroid Support Supplements, Improve Thyroid Function. Thyroid gland is walnut-shaped gland in the neck which may be small in size but it is mighty in its effects. So are its implications on health if it mal-functions. This gland produces hormones which allow other hormones secreted by the body to get utilized, some hormones are crucial for metabolism as well.

This gland can malfunction either by becoming over-active or by becoming under-active, in both the conditions person faces different sets of severe health problems. Herbal Osteoarthritis Pain Relief Oil, Reduce Stiffness. Natural Osteoarthritis Relief Supplements and Oil. Herbal Osteoarthritis Treatment Pain Relief Supplements. Arthritis is a type of inflammatory disorder which presents itself in more than 100 different forms, osteoarthritis or OA is one of the most common forms of this inflammatory disorder.

OA is caused mainly due to bone degeneration.The degeneration of bones is initiated by aging, poor calcium metabolism, unhealthy lifestyle, deficiencies or due to bone disorders like osteoporosis or calcium reabsorption etc. Joints are places where two bones meet, the ends of bones are covered with cartilages which allow bones to swivel over each other without causing friction to allow movement. Natural Arthritis Joint Pain Relief Oil, Anti-Inflammatory. Thousands of men and women suffer with arthritis every year, there are over 100 different forms of this disorder and rheumatoid, osteo, gout, infectious etc. are most common types. Natural Arthritis Pain Relief Supplements and Massage Oil.

Herbal Arthritis Joint Pain Relief Treatment Supplements. Arthritis is a progressive disorder which keeps on growing with every passing day. Herbal Rheumatoid Arthritis Pain Relief Oil, Reduce Swelling. Rheumatoid arthritis is caused by unknown causes but its ill-effects on health and joints are not so unknown. Natural Rheumatoid Arthritis Relief Supplements and Oil. Herbal Rheumatoid Arthritis Treatment Pain Relief Supplements. Herbal Supplements to Gain Weight and Build Muscle Mass Fast. Herbal Anti Diabetic Powder for Diabetes, Control Blood Glucose. Diabgon powder is herbal anti diabetic powder which is recommended to people suffering with high blood sugar levels. Diabetes Herbal Treatment, Supplements to Lower Blood Sugar.

Herbal Diabetes Supplements for Diabetics, Natural Formula. Natural Brain Power Supplements to Improve Memory and Focus. 6 Best and Highly Effective Home Remedies For Sunburn. 8 Low Calorie Healthy Soup Recipes - Healthy Recipes! What Are the Natural Ways to Stop Semen Leakage with Urine. Vital G-30 Capsules In India, Ayurvedic Herbal Female Energy Enhancer Pills.

8 Home Remedies for Dull Skin - Beauty Secrets For A Natural Glow! 10 Amazingly Effective Home Remedies for Wrinkles - Natural Fountain Of Youth! 7 Best Home Remedies for Skin Allergies - Try And Get Marvellous Results! 5 Top Recommended Home Remedies for Grey Hair- Simple Yet Effective! Ayurvedic Treatment for Constipation, Hard Stools Herbal Remedies. Ayurvedic Herbal Treatment for Menstrual Problems. 2 Amazing Home Remedies for Boils- Straight Out Of Kitchen! Best Natural Treatment for Semen Leakage during Sleep. Top 15 Foods That Can Help You Gain Weight In A Healthy Way. 6 Best Home Remedies for Psoriasis. 6 Homemade Orange Peel Face Packs Recipes for Oily Skin. 10 Best Home Remedies for Zits to Get Rid of Pimples. 6 DIY Home Remedies to Tame Oily Skin. 10 Natural Home Remedies For Skin Abscess And Boils. Flatulence Herbal Treatment, Natural Excessive Stomach Gas Remedy.

Vagina Tightening Cream, Tighten Loose Vaginal Walls. Best Vagina Tightening Product, Vaginal Rejuvenation Pills. Excessive Nightfall Remedy, Treatment for Night Discharge, Nocturnal Emission.