Cgi word problems

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Maths: Solving Problems: Word and Real Life Problems
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MX_Problem_Solving MX_Problem_Solving eLearning provides "Just in Time" professional development for teachers who are preparing to implement new classroom resources, implementing new standards of practice, and seeking to ensure their students score well on new assessments. These interactive online courses are designed by professional development specialists with in-depth product knowledge who work in thousands of classrooms across the country to ensure these courses provide engaging, authentic learning experiences. Courses support self-paced, independent study with, integrated classroom video, and frequent knowledge checks. The learning platform can also provide progress metrics for school and district administrators to ensure positive return on the investment made and offer reporting on course completion details and status. Each participant will be provided a certificate of completion, often suitable for district CEU’s and recertification needs.
Analyzing Students’ Thinking In this chapter, we examine the type of professional development experience in which teachers analyze student thinking as revealed in students’ written assignments, think-aloud problem-solving tasks, class discussions and clinical interviews. Within this kind of professional development sessions, teachers learn to observe various types of student mathematical activity and to interpret what they observe, with the ultimate goal of enhancing their students’ learning opportunities. Theoretical rationale and empirical support In Chapter 1, we discussed the research evidence that supports teachers learning about students’ mathematical thinking. We argued that doing so can help teachers develop not only a knowledge base about students’ conceptions and problem-solving strategies that they can use in planning instruction but also skills for listening to students and interpreting their thinking. Chapter 5 - Analyzing Students· Thinking Chapter 5 - Analyzing Students· Thinking