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Management. Secretary of the Treasury, Dr Martin Parkinson is expected to give a frank overview of how the global financial crisis will affect government budgets.


ACT Government bus drivers will receive training from automotive manufacturer, Scania. Non-uranium mine workers will now be included in dosage checks under a regulatory expansion. The University of NSW has replaced its previous call accounting system with a reporting and billing platform from NEC Australia and TSA Software. Place-based policies and how they are linked to government service delivery to citizens in any location will be discussed at the spatial@gov Conference and Exhibition 2012. Services - Workshops, Industry Intelligence & Networking. Important changes to WIIN from May 2012 WIIN will no longer be holding fixed period competitive grant rounds. WIIN will be transitioning in 2012-13 to a new model that allows delivery for a wider range of activities to further address the specific needs of Australian small and medium businesses.

Information about future WIIN activities will be posted on the WIIN webpage over the coming months. The 10 best strategic business slides of all time: 1 – The Hedgehog. Grossnationalhappiness. AdWords: Keyword Tool. With Keyword Planner, we've combined the functionality of Keyword Tool and Traffic Estimator to make it easier to plan search campaigns.

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Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance

Pirsig's texts in which he explores his Metaphysics of Quality. The book sold 5 million copies worldwide. It was originally rejected by 121 publishers, more than any other bestselling book, according to the Guinness Book of Records.[1] The title is an apparent play on the title of the book Zen in the Art of Archery by Eugen Herrigel. Anecdote.

Whoever tells the best story wins Posted by Mark Schenk - April 16, 2014Filed in Fun, News In 2001, Annette Simmons published her book The Story Factor.


I read it cover to cover and as I write this my dog-eared, tagged and heavily annotated copy sits in front of me. The book has been widely acclaimed as one of the most influential business storytelling books written.