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List of national quality awards. An EFQM Excellence Award from 2012 This article is a list of national quality awards.

List of national quality awards

Background[edit] A national quality award is typically part of a larger effort by a government to make its country's businesses more competitive in the world economy.[1] The awarding institutions are generally either government departments or ministries[a] or not-for-profit organizations with government ties. [b] In many countries, however, the awarding institutions are consortia of businesses. [c] Candidate companies compete in award-specific assessments of business quality and excellence criteria.[2] The assessments are annual and firms who wish to be considered for the awards file applications with the organization that conducts the competition in their home country. European Quality Leader - EOQ - European Organization for Quality.

A Quality Leader is a Leader in an organization having succeeded in moving the organization to success for the different stakeholders through his leadership and through the change and Quality Processes he has implemented directly through his team.

European Quality Leader - EOQ - European Organization for Quality

The European Quality Leader is awarded by the EOQ to the best applicant to the yearly contest, by taking into account the defined EOQ-EQL criteria. Granting the EOQ QL Award is a strategic decision of the EOQ to promote top performances of people acting in the quality field in its broadest sense. Candidates for the yearly European Quality Leader award may be proposed by the EOQ National Representative organizations. The EQL award may be granted only once to the same person and the practical “success story” presented by the candidates should be not older than 3 years since the application date for the EQL Award.

The European Quality Leader award relates to the year before the year of the awarding ceremony. Australian Business Excellence Awards. Vokurka, Comparison of Quality Awards. Australian Quality Awards. Personal Awards Each year AOQ presents a number of Personal National Awards to members, usually at the Qualcon® conference dinner.

Australian Quality Awards

The three awards are: JM Juran Award To recognise persons who have contributed in an outstanding way to the application of effective quality management in Australia. Joseph M Juran was deeply involved in management and particularly the management of quality. Australian Business Quality Awards. The W. Edwards Deming Institute: The W. Edwards Deming Institute.

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