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The Endless Safaris. Jé-rôm. Maudy & milou. History of Graphic Design. In 1918, through the Kestner Society, an organization founded in Hannover in 1916 to promote the exhibition and discussion of modern art, Kurt Schwitters made contact with Herwarth Walden, whose Sturm Gallery and magazine in Berlin were devoted to promoting expressionism.

History of Graphic Design

Schwitters showed two abstract paintings at a group show at Sturm Gallery in June 1918. Over the winter of 1918–1919, Schwitters began making abstract assemblages and collages from materials he found or accumulated in his daily life—ration cards, string, paper doilies, newspaper fragments, streetcar tickets, and other bits of discarded refuse. Schwitters named his new pictures "Merz," after a fragment of the phrase "Kommerz-und Privatbank" that appeared in one of his first assemblages, and adopted the term to describe all of his artistic activities. Restaurant L'ambiance - A WordPress theme for restaurants by StudioVagebond. L’ambiance is a unique WordPress restaurant experience Instead of focussing on a 1001 features we’ve focussed on versatility and ease of use.

Restaurant L'ambiance - A WordPress theme for restaurants by StudioVagebond

This theme is surprisingly easy to set up and configure. We’ve developed 2 unique plugins to help you configure and maintain your website with ease. Packed with everything you need to get started. Creating your own menu’s was never easier with our menu manager you can create, update, delete and reorder your price-list as you see fit. Full screen slideshow, image or video background Setting the mood is what L’ambiance is all about. Notice: We’ve removed the PHP 5.6 and higher requirement. Five star support Whenever you have an issue with our theme or WordPress in general, we are here to assist you.

Update log v1.0. Behance. 14680443?_ga=1.113894535.1243500978. NorwayTheme - Nature Travel PSD Template by EvneTheme. Dropbox.


Ziesoo. Material design. Benvisual - Bence Löcsei (Ben) - Mediendesigner. AgencyProposal. Nelu Cebotari, a multidisciplinary designer focused on branding and ui/ux design. Specht. Themeforest. Nyte is a multipurpose psd template for agencies and development companies who want to look different.


It is designed according to Bootstrap 3 grid system and is completely customizable. PSD layouts included: The main homepage layout “01_homepage.psd”Case Study layout “02_case_study.psd”Blog List layout “03_blog_list.psd”Single Blog layout “04_blog_single.psd”Team layout “05_team.psd”What We Do layout “06_what_we_do.psd” Stuffings. Pastel Color Schemes for Refined Website Design - MonsterPost. Pastel color schemes will definitely win Oscar for the most "elegant role" among other palettes used in web design.

Pastel Color Schemes for Refined Website Design - MonsterPost

Sites taking minimal approach by using washed out color scheme, call a feeling of sophistication and purity. These days, when uncluttered designs like Scandinavian (extremely clean with cold colors), flat and minimal rock the web, websites in muted colors are in a great favor. If you look at most sites, you'll notice how clean they are. The lightness of their designs reminds the one of the feather.

A lot of negative space, light color schemes – nothing annoying is used there. What are Pastel Colors? They have low/medium saturation, a soft, subdued shade and lack strong chromatic content. The Lifecycle Adventure. Isadora Design - Award Winning Web Design Company. Personalized Search App. Behance. Behance.


Fysio ap. Daniel. Lovela. Vincent. Shoprocket - eCommerce From a Single Line of Code. 0031 // Dragons of the Alps by Primer Stories. Classy. Banners. Footers. Grabby - Fast and easy email scraping. Quechua - Lookbook Spring / Summer 2015. Malika Favre: On The Draw – WeTransfer This Works. When Malika Favre was invited on a week-long trip to the Canary Islands to create a series of illustrations for a project called On The Draw, she assumed it was some kind of scam.

Malika Favre: On The Draw – WeTransfer This Works

It seemed too good to be true. But the programme was legitimate, and Malika arrived in the colourful island of Tenerife excited to get to work. But in fact, Malika wasn’t assigned to Tenerife; she was to fly on to the dramatic volcanic island of Fuerteventura, famous for its black beaches and lunar landscapes. Born in France and now based in London, Malika is used to capturing a sense of place in her work, but on this trip she decided to take a new approach and not actually draw anything while she was there. “At the beginning I thought would do one drawing a day; I would sketch as I go along,” she says. Kuoni — Malika Favre. Max Loderbauer & Jacek Sienkiewicz "Ridges" (R-EP035) - out now ! by Recognition. 25 Impressive Contact forms. Show and tell for designers.

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Food Angel - Home. Names for Change - It's just stuff. Until you don't have it. DailyUI Challenge 008 by Belen Longhi - Dribbble. Ecommerce Theme by Jeffrey Smith - Dribbble. Show and tell for designers. 30 Great Websites with Parallax Scrolling. This website uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website.

30 Great Websites with Parallax Scrolling

Learn More.GOT IT! Magazine for designers and web developers Add to Collections! NURO Watch — NURO Watch. Anton & Irene. Volunteer for Social Change.