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Sona Jobarteh & Band - Kora Music from West Africa. AFRICAN MUSIC FOR MEDITATION III: KORA INSPIRATIONS. How to Play African Guitar Lesson Fingerstyle.mp4. How to play congolese guitar seben rythmic #1. How to Play African Guitar Lesson Fingerstyle.mp4. West African Music for Fingerstyle Guitar. 107 minutes - Level 3 - Detailed tab/music PDF booklet on the DVD Review: Two excellent new instructional DVDs, taught by versatile, globe-trotting Spanish musician Fernando Perez.

West African Music for Fingerstyle Guitar

World Music For Fingerstyle Guitar introduces a truly diverse selection of styles across its two hours and six compositions - Into The Balkans, Samba Para Ti (Brazil), Ame (Japan) Malawi Dance, Kalani (Hawaii) and Tango/ Habanera (Argentina/Cuba). Each tune is taught one phrase at a time, with split screen enabling close inspection of what both hands are doing. Being a guitar player in the farfrom-advanced category, I found the Malawian lesson with its "sixth string up one-step to F" tuning the most immediately accessible, but a bit of serious practice should reward any player with a whole new guitar vocabulary. African Guitar 11 Afro Rhythm Guitar and old 80's tune afro picking. African picking style tutorial. Ancient Traditions – Future Possibilities: Rhythmic Training Through the Traditions of Africa, Bali, and India.

Digging Deeper: African Guitar 101. African music is extensive and this introduction should be considered just the tip of the iceberg.

Digging Deeper: African Guitar 101

Africa comprises 55 countries—each with its own unique style—so it would be impossible to summarize an entire continent’s worth of music into this lesson. People outside of Africa tend to lump the varying sounds and grooves together the way someone might think of rock music.