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TheDoLectures: Watch Inspirational Videos From People Who Do Great Things. It seems like watching lectures from inspirational people is becoming much more popular.

TheDoLectures: Watch Inspirational Videos From People Who Do Great Things

TED was one of the originators, and recently, Google has jumped into the fray, bringing their own special brand of thought-provoking videos and lectures. The Do Lectures follows a similar format. They focus on showcasing people who do amazing things, in the hopes of inspiring others to get out there and do something themselves. They have hundreds of speakers on their site, so the chances are you will find someone who inspires you. You can view all the different speakers and their videos, or you can browse all of the videos. The video quality is above average. Features: Watch free inspiration talks from people who do great things.View videos based on the speaker, tone or topic.Hundreds of different speakers.Tons of available topics.Store to buy books and posters.Similar sites: Fear.less, MagMe, and BetterMe. Steve Pavlina’s Personal Development Blog.

Since people who couldn’t attend have been asking me about the recent Conscious Heart Workshop last month, I’ll share some details about how it turned out, both from my perspective and that of the attendees.

Steve Pavlina’s Personal Development Blog

As a refresher, what was unique about this workshop (our 11th since 2009) is that there was no pre-set theme and no pre-planned content or structure. The idea was to go with the flow of inspiration all the way through. It was also intended to be a co-creative event, meaning that attendees could influence how it turned out if they felt inspired to do so. Let’s start with what the attendees thought of it… Attendee Impressions A few days after the workshop, I emailed the attendees a simple survey to share their feedback with me. For this workshop, on a scale of 1 to 5, the average ratings were: Personal Development Training With Sid Savara. Self Improvement from

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Download: Creating Your Life Plan. How To Turn An Angry Lover Into A Purring Pussycat. Ever wished you had a magic wand that you could wave and all the angry, upset, depressed people that you waved it at would suddenly start smiling, laughing and even jumping for joy?

How To Turn An Angry Lover Into A Purring Pussycat

Well, I have such a wand… and I made you a quick video showing you how you can get one free and how to use it…. By the end of the video you’ll know 5 essential communication skills for turning an angry person into a purring pussycat… Once you’re done watching the video, you can download a free pdf printout of these 5 conflict resolution tips. Let the games begin… Now go share this video with your loved ones and begin practicing! Before The Beginning Of The Universe, You Were Still There. Before the beginning, there was no time, no form, and no space - only absolute emptiness.

Before The Beginning Of The Universe, You Were Still There

Intentional Leadership. How To Feel Your Best. Have you ever wondered why some days you feel PHENOMENAL and other days you feel just… BLAH?

How To Feel Your Best

In this short 3 minute video, you’ll discover how you create both… and how to have more phenomenal days… If you do the exercise the way I describe it in the video above, you’ll discover something truly valuable about yourself and how you go about creating your reality. This is a high leverage exercise, and I recommend doing it right now. Here are my highest leverage activities that energize and drain me. I’d be curious to hear yours in the comments below. Eating a high protein breakfast within 30 minutes of waking up.Visualizing my ideal future every morning using my Relaxation For Manifestation mind programmer.Listening to an inspiring audio-book while doing mundane activities, like cooking or drivingDrinking 2 liters of water each day.Doing creative work that keeps me in my Wealth Dynamics Profile.Exercise – Kitesurfing or going to the gymLeaving the house and working from a vibey coffee shop.

The Fastest Way to Get a Book Contract—Guaranteed. This image is for illustration purposes only.This product is a digital download not a physical product,giving you immediate access to the content.

The Fastest Way to Get a Book Contract—Guaranteed

How can you secure a book contract from a publisher? It’s not about having a great book idea.It’s not about writing a literary masterpiece.It’s not even about knowing the right people. The real secret to securing a book contract is knowing how to write a powerful, compelling book proposal that leaves agents begging to represent you—and publishers eager to sign you.

Dear Fellow-Author, Creating A Vision for Your Life. Dr. Judith Rich: 10 Essential Values for Living a Transformed Life, No. 1: Accepting Personal Responsibility. In my post last week, "2012: Ushering in the 100th Monkey," I identified 10 values essential for aligning one's consciousness with the principles of transformation.

Dr. Judith Rich: 10 Essential Values for Living a Transformed Life, No. 1: Accepting Personal Responsibility

In that these values do not constitute an exhaustive list, I invited readers to include others and I've even thought of a few more of my own. In the next few weeks, I'd like to examine each of these more closely so that as we navigate this year of 2012 we are orienting our consciousness and behavior in the direction of the paradigm shift that is the promise and the possibility of this time. Keeping in mind an essential principle that governs human behavior -- consciousness aligns with itself -- there needs to be a critical mass, or a convergence of energy, thought and consciousness coalescing around a single idea or possibility in order for any kind of collective shift to occur.

Consider the Arab Spring or the Occupy movements that seemed to appear out of nowhere.