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Features / Project Management. Make Your Own E-Books with Pandoc. As devices for reading e-books proliferate, it increasingly makes sense to make publications available in an e-book.

Make Your Own E-Books with Pandoc

There are a number of cases in which you might do this: If you have a blog and want to make the best posts into an e-book. For example, sociologist Kieran Healy created an e-book of posts from his blog.If you have content in one format that you want to read as an e-book instead. For example, our own Mark Sample took the open-access book Hacking the Academy and turned it into several versions of an e-book for Nooks, iPads, and Kindles.If you want to give your readers the option to read your content as an e-book.

For example, I’m the web editor for The Journal of Southern Religion. Making an e-book can be easy—almost trivially easy—using Pandoc, a tool I’ve written about earlier on ProfHacker. Since a good way to learn is by doing, let’s create an e-book of My Favorite ProfHacker Posts. Pandoc - About pandoc. If you need to convert files from one markup format into another, pandoc is your swiss-army knife.

Pandoc - About pandoc

Pandoc Converts All Your (Text) Documents. For the past few months we ProfHackers have been running an occasional series about using the command line.

Pandoc Converts All Your (Text) Documents

I got us started with a couple posts explaining why you might want to use the command line and how to get started using it. Konrad followed with a posts about the uniq command and the sort command for working with text and data files. Amy added a post about how the command line let her hack the NOOK Color, and I wrote about using pdftk to manipulate PDFs. Taking up the command line is easier if you have a specific problem you’re trying to solve. For me, the problem was that I wanted to do all of my writing in a plain text format, like Markdown or LaTeX. The best way I’ve found to move between these formats is Pandoc. Here’s an example of how this works. Markdown to HTML (HTML output on GitHub): Booktype: Write, Print & Publish Digital Books. Booktype is open-source software that allows people to write, publish and print e-books within minutes.

Booktype: Write, Print & Publish Digital Books

Using powerful, yet simple to use tools, Booktype makes it easy for almost anyone to start their very own e-book. An easy drag-and-drop interface makes it plain and simple to make an e-book, while tools such as collaborative proofreaders, editors and contributors make it possible for organizations to hook up with other people and write an e-book in a teamwork environment. The digital book can then be exported to popular e-book stores such as Amazon, iBooks,, etc. The e-books are also format-compatible with many e-book readers such as iPad, Kindle, Nook, and more. To make sure it’s suitable for you, you can try the online demo and see how Booktype works. To make use of this amazing software, just download the code and follow the instructions given on the website to download the software on to your computer. Features Check out Booktype @

Booktango: Edit, Publish & Sell Your E-Books Online. If you want to venture into self-publishing, then you should check out Booktango.

Booktango: Edit, Publish & Sell Your E-Books Online

While it touts itself as an online e-book publisher, Booktango also offers a well-optimized e-book editor for the iPad and other tablet devices. Anyone can upload their book, add a design cover and publish it to major e-book retailers like Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Kobo. Booktango generates different formats of your book so that you can sell them online. You can sell directly through the Booktango platform and get 100% of the sale, or sell to Amazon and other online bookstores to get 90% of the sale. The tablet-based editor offers various customizations like cover designer, internal page designs, graphics and images and more. Booktango offers a good first step for authors to publish their own work. Features: Check out Booktango @ Welcome to Web Books Publishing.