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Z250 - Latin & Greek Roots Index. Word Roots and Prefixes. Robert Harris Version Date: December 27, 2013 Previous: February 25, 2012 Original: October 13, 1997 This list contains some of the common roots and prefixes that make up the building blocks of numerous English words.

Word Roots and Prefixes

Following the table of general roots and prefixes is a table of number prefixes. How Words Work Even though the English language has more that a million words in it, many of those words are made up of a relatively small set of roots (or base words) and a prefix. Some words also have a suffix. The very words prefix and suffix are good examples, too. By learning the common roots and prefixes (and a few suffixes) you will be able to discern the meaning of many new words almost immediately. Now that you have learned that ject means to throw, think how many words you can define almost immediately: reject, project, inject, subject, eject, and so on. Note that some modern words are formed by using abbreviated forms of other words. General Roots and Prefixes 1 2 3 4 5| Next Page. A Collection of Word Oddities and Trivia.

Multilingual Glossary of medical terms. Medical Pedigrees: Understanding Old Medical Terms. By Ruby Coleman Looking at old documents such as death certificates, mortality schedules, letters, journal entries and medical receipts, genealogists are forced to transcribe some of the ailments, causes of death and reasons for the death into 21st century terms.

Medical Pedigrees: Understanding Old Medical Terms

We should always consider that the living conditions were different in earlier centuries, as well as the naming of illnesses and treatment of them. A frequent cause of death in young mothers was childbed fever. This was caused from one or more factors of uncleanness at the time of delivery. Women were often not washed and prepped for the deliver and doctors were not as cautious as they should have been about sterilization. Many Civil War soldiers continued to suffer from afflictions that were brought on during their service. By 1806 morphine was in use. All of these drugs did nothing but hasten his death within a few days of their use.

A common term seen in death records or lists of ailments is la grippe. Archaic Medical Terms. Introduction / How to use this guide: Medical Terminology for Cancer. Medical Terminology for Cancer © Copyright 1996-2013 1: Introduction / How to use this guide Contents Introduction How to Navigate Around this Guide Information sources Disclaimer Introduction This guide is intended as an introduction to medical terminology with an emphasis on cancer.

Introduction / How to use this guide: Medical Terminology for Cancer

The guide was originally written as a paper based guide to medical terminology for childhood cancer; but now includes reference to adult cancers. The first chapter of this guide introduces childhood cancers, the second summarises adult cancers. The subsequent chapter of the guide introduce the main systems of the body, again with an emphasis on medical terminology and cancer. A summary of the functions of the system and it's organs a list of component root words, suffixes and prefixes a summary of cancers associated with that system As you build up your medical vocabulary you may well find it useful to have access to a medical dictionary, and an illustrated guide to anatomy and physiology might be useful.