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Series AA Equity Financing Documents. Safe Financing Documents The safe (simple agreement for future equity) is intended to replace convertible notes in most cases, and we think it addresses many of the problems with convertible notes while preserving their flexibility.

Series AA Equity Financing Documents

In addition to being simpler and clearer, we intend the safe to remain fair to both investors and founders.During its development the safe was positively reviewed by many of the top startup investors. Jeremiah Owyang: Sneak Preview: Checking ou... Has the tech industry forgotten users? We are in an insider bubble. You know when I read David Heinemeier Hansson write that all he needs is 10 apps I believe we’ve all lost our minds.

Has the tech industry forgotten users? We are in an insider bubble

Then I look at Techmeme and see all the insider baseball and nothing about real users and I realize we have indeed lost our minds. See, people keep talking about a bubble. What they usually mean is “oh, my gosh Color got $41 million and LinkedIn stock is nuts.” Wrong bubble to worry about, though. Politique : Karachi : Hortefeux devrait être cité en correctionnelle. Serving a space between @briansolis & - A lite version of