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Salmon Soba Noodle Miso Bowl. My eyeballs sting and my feet sort of ache from standing all day but it’s ok because a rendition of this bowl is in front of me and Broad City is on the TV.

Salmon Soba Noodle Miso Bowl

Have you watched? I watched Girls for the first few seasons but there was always something I didn’t like. I couldn’t really put my finger on it until I started watching Broad City, which I like a million times more, and then it dawned on me: I wouldn’t be friends with any of the women in Girls. Not one of them. They all complain about their lives and it’s annoying and boring and gets old. Moving onto this bowl, it’s a single person’s dinner, though it could easily be doubled if you’re into that sort of thing. It’s a super fast dinner; probably will take you under 20 minutes to get it together.

Technically, proper miso soup begins with kombu, but I didn’t have any and for some reason the Asian grocery store near me was closed when I went to go get it but I didn’t really miss it, if I’m being honest. Ingredients Directions Notes. Beyond Good and Evil - Starkos I missed out on... Beyond Good and Evil - Starkos I missed out on Beyond Good and Evil the first time around but was fortunate enough to enjoy it when the HD version was released on Xbox Live earlier this year.

Beyond Good and Evil - Starkos I missed out on...

I can see why it’s received so much critical acclaim; it’s a wonderful piece of adventure gaming and since seeing this video quite a while ago now I’m still eagerly awaiting a sequel… Making a Starkos is tricky business and it was supposed to be my second post here on Gourmet Gaming but I didn't feel confident enough at the time to attempt it. When thinking about what a Starkos was I focused on the idea that it’s street food in the very culturally diverse land of Hillys - and who are the best species in Hillys? The Rhino humanoids over at Mammago Garage obviously. So I've taken a dip in their Jamaican-esque roots and have created a Starkos patty filled with a sweet, curried shrimp (since there’s a lot of water around - they must have a pretty good fishing trade, no?). This recipe makes 4-6 Starkos. Honey Ginger Glazed Broiled Salmon Recipe. It’s the 9 minute recipe you didn’t know you were missing.

Honey Ginger Glazed Broiled Salmon Recipe

But now you do because I’ve just told you. There are infinite ways to prepare salmon but one of my favorites is broil + glaze. Why? 1) Um, just look at that ^. And this. 2) Soooo easy. 3) Soooo quick. 4) Clean-up usually involves little more than “crumple up foil, toss in recycling bin.” 5) There’s no need for a 5. We make this Spicy Honey-Glazed Salmon once a week. What’s the word for “comes together faster than it takes to get down the assembly line at Subway and it costs less?” Quick, easy, and healthy broiled salmon with a beautifully caramelized honey-ginger glaze. Ingredients 1lb salmonSaltPepperCooking spray or oil (optional)2 tsp honey1 Tbsp soy or coconut aminos1 Tbsp-ish fresh grated gingerSesame oilSesame seeds, for garnishChopped chives or green onions, for garnish Instructions Preheat your broiler and line a baking sheet with foil (alternately, spray a naked baking sheet with cooking spray).

Notes Yields: 3 servings. Röstis de carottes sauce yaourt & plie à l'orange et carottes à la marocaine - RTBF Un gars un chef. Röstis de carottes sauce yaourt (pour 4 personnes) 350 g de carottes râpées 50 g de gruyère râpé 60 ml de crème 40 g de farine 2 jeunes oignons émincés 1 oeuf 1 càc de cumin 1 pincée de piment d’Espelette 1 càs d’huile d’olive Sel Poivre du moulin Sauce au yaourt 1 yaourt nature 100 g de crème épaisse Le jus d’un citron 1 pincée de curry 1/ Dans un saladier, mélangez l’oeuf avec la crème fraîche et le gruyère râpé.

Röstis de carottes sauce yaourt & plie à l'orange et carottes à la marocaine - RTBF Un gars un chef

Ajoutez les carottes râpées, le cumin, le piment et la farine. 2/ Façonnez des galettes de même dimension. 3/ Dans un bol, mélangez le yaourt, la crème épaisse et le jus de citron. Demoiselles de la mer saveurs mangue agrumes. Marianne, la nouvelle marraine de Culino-versions de ce mois-ci a choisi comme thème "Le Sucré-salé".

Demoiselles de la mer saveurs mangue agrumes

On peut en faire de jolies recettes sur ce thème n’est ce pas ? Ceviche de cabillaud au citron vert. Tartare de poisson - Recette de tartare de poisson. Pour conclure Le poisson surgelé, que tout le monde connaît bien (restaurateurs, comme particuliers) et cuisiné et servi notoirement à l'avantage de ne pas être cher et d'être aussi de bonne qualité.

Tartare de poisson - Recette de tartare de poisson

Seulement, voilà, il n'est pas très présentable en l'état. Les angles, ça fait pas très poisson... Il s'agit donc de trouver des apprêts le mettant en valeur. Il faut donc pouvoir apprécier sa fraîcheur et son goût sans être gêné par la forme. Soyez attentifs aux mélange des différents ingrédients ! Et ce snobisme vulgaire qui m'agace et qui voudrait dénigrer à tout prix ce type de produit.