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Super OS X menubar items. Pdf. SOFTWARE. SOFTWARE&UTILITIES 3. InkBook. Write notes by hand with inkBook 2 using tablet and InkWell handwriting recognition technology.


The notes remain as handwritten ink, but can be searched, copied to other applications, and exported to a text file. Quickly jot notes during a phone conversation. Then you can copy and paste the notes into the proper apps. For example, copy and paste an appointment into your calendar, and copy and paste that phone number into your address book.

You no longer have to retype the information into the proper applications like you would if you took the notes on real paper. iPOD/iPHONE STUFF. Sports. VH Browsers. Early efforts to integrate the Visible Human dataset into the UM teaching environment produced these Java based browsers.

VH Browsers

The browsers display three orthogonal views from the female dataset: transverse (the original data), coronal and sagittal. Select the plane of interest by using the colored bars or fine-tune buttons. Each view is downloadable as a high or low resolution image. iPodder. TRUE CRYPT. iMaginator. Code Line - ART DIRECTORS. National Geographic - Kids. ThemeChanger.