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We have searched all around the world to bring you the highest quality Drill Bits and Cutting Tools for less! With over 25 years of serving the Aerospace, Government and Industrial industries, we have discovered that the highest quality drill bits and cutting tools are pretty difficult to find… until now. The great folks at have created an easy-to-use site that will allow you to quickly find, and purchase the finest quality drill bits and cutting tools that you deserve. We pride ourselves on our stellar quality with friendly customer service, and we have the knowledge and experience to solve all of your drilling requirements quickly and easily. Only a select few, authentic Drill Bit manufacturers have passed our stringent quality control standards, therefore when you shop at Drill Bit Warehouse you can rest assured that your getting only the best there is.

Factors Everyone Forgets during the Purchase of Drill Bits – Drill Bit Warehouse. Drilling is not just a game of some cutting tools and surface.

Factors Everyone Forgets during the Purchase of Drill Bits – Drill Bit Warehouse

You need the smartness to choose the right tool for the right surface,, and thus, you can see the productivity and perfection in the drilling job. We consider the type of material to be drilled, but often forget some factors which are also very important to bore an accurate hole. Here, we are listing those unnoticed factors which we have often ignored being an unprofessional, while selecting drill bits for our varieties of needs. Bits generally come in various shapes and sizes, apart from the materials and coating, which are very important for finding the right tool for a specific type of hole.

Let’s take a look below: Points and Angles: Every bit has some point and angle which define the capability of the bit for boring a material. Size: The size of a bit measures through the diameter of a bit. Bits between the sizes of 1/16 inch and 1/4 inch are perfect for majority of house-hold and workshop jobs. Cobalt Drill Bit. What if you are thinking to renovate your home with some new embellishment, but you suddenly find your home arsenal doesn’t have enough tools to make it possible?

Cobalt Drill Bit

You should always have a few tools to meet your sudden need of repairing and drilling. For repairing purpose, you might have sufficient tools in your toolbox. But, why don’t you put a drill machine? A home often has the need of attaching the fixture, passing wires, making cabinets, and some plumbing jobs. And, all tasks can be accomplished through a drilling tool, having a drill bit attached as a main component for cutting any material. Well, all the bits are not identical and cannot work on every type of material. Let’s go beyond the basic tools and look for some high-end bits which can cut hard metals. Generally, when a metal bit cuts another metal, then a good amount heat is generated due to the friction.

Cobalt bits also come in various sizes, usually with 135 degree split point. Unknown Facts of a Drill You Must Know Before the Purchase – Drill Bit Warehouse. Whether you want to attach a fixture into a concrete wall or building a cabinet for the tree house, a drill machine can help you in finishing these jobs with efficiency.

Unknown Facts of a Drill You Must Know Before the Purchase – Drill Bit Warehouse

These drilling tools come in huge varieties and designed to bore different sizes of holes in various materials. You can find these tools in every price range- from affordable to expensive. Types of Drills: Drill Bit Sets. In every industrial job, the quality of the final output totally depends on the tools you were used to accomplish that task.

Drill Bit Sets

Therefore, it is always necessary to choose the right tools for the job. Among several tools, drilling tools have own importance in the industrial and home applications. You don’t only find professionals working with this tool, but several DIYers can also be found drilling the wall of their home or cutting a wood for building a cabinet. Being a DIYer, when I went market to buy a drill bit which can solve my purpose, then the crowd of several drill bits in various sizes, shapes and materials has made me wondered and left me into a conundrum with a question- which one to buy?

If you are the one who has gone through this condition and bought a wrong one or searching for the right bit for your job, then here I can help you. 115pc. If you need to drill varieties of holes keeping the quality maintained, then you must choose this bit set. Drill Bit Warehouse — What Drill bit is your pick for the Wooden... Long Drill Bits made the Drilling of Precise & Deeper Holes Possible : drillbitusa. An arsenal is void if it has no drilling tool.

Long Drill Bits made the Drilling of Precise & Deeper Holes Possible : drillbitusa

It simply explains how important a drilling tool in every industrial application. Not a single industrial job can be finished without a drill bit, whether it is a production industry or the manufacturing industry. Having the bit is not enough to meet with the result; accuracy should always be another concern while cutting any type of surface through a bit. To solve specific needs, machine shops are crowded with varieties of drill bits, but you need to buy the one for your requirement. For instance, if you want to cut through a thick hole, than the tool will be different from the one which will be used to cut thick metal surface. Bits with large cutting length are meant for such type of jobs. Varieties of long drill bits with varied cutting angles are out there to solve specific drilling needs in multiple industrial applications.

The 118 degree angle point is good for cutting in ferrous or non-ferrous metals precisely.