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Nightly. State Machines – Basics of Computer Science. Computer science is what enables programming, but it is possible to do a lot of programming without understanding the computer science concepts underlying the process of computation.

State Machines – Basics of Computer Science

This isn’t always a bad thing. When we program we work at a much higher level of abstraction. When we drive a car, we only concern ourselves with two or three pedals, a gearshift and a steering wheel. You can safely operate a car without having any clear idea of how it works. However, if you want to operate a car at the very limits of its capabilities, you need to know a lot more about automobiles than just the three pedals, gearshift and steering wheel. The same is true of programming. The purpose of this article is to provide some fundamental background for computation. Finite State Machine A finite state machine is a mathematical abstraction used to design algorithms. Imagine a device that reads a long piece of paper. As the state machine reads each letter it changes state. Do you see the problem? A Discussion With Neal Gafter on the Future of Java. At the end of May I attended the inaugural What's Next Conference which took place at 'Le Grand Rex', in the centre of Paris.

A Discussion With Neal Gafter on the Future of Java

One of the two keynote speakers was Neal Gafter, who was a primary designer and implementer of the Java SE 4 and 5 language enhancements, and now works for Microsoft on the .NET platform languages. I was fortunate enough to be able to interview him for InfoQ, and the following is a transcript of our conversation. During his presentation, Neal expressed the view that Oracle's acquisition of Sun Microsystems was, on balance, a good thing for Java, remarking "innovation works best when someone is in charge", so I began by asking him his views on Oracle's handling of the Java community. Neal Gafter: Well, I think that the community is the least positive aspect of the Oracle acquisition.

I think there are a lot of things they're still working on. And then they launched JSRs -- Project Coin and Project Lambda. So, the public review period closed. Renovation - Home. CWE - 2011 CWE/SANS Top 25 Most Dangerous Software Errors. Summary Discussion Salt might not be good for your diet, but it can be good for your password security. Instead of storing passwords in plain text, a common practice is to apply a one-way hash, which effectively randomizes the output and can make it more difficult if (or when?) Attackers gain access to your password database. If you don't add a little salt to your hash, then the health of your application is in danger. Prevention and Mitigations Related CWEs Related Attack Patterns CAPEC-IDs: [view all]16, 20, 49, 55, 97 Monster Mitigations These mitigations will be effective in eliminating or reducing the severity of the Top 25.

A Monster Mitigation Matrix is also available to show how these mitigations apply to weaknesses in the Top 25. See the Monster Mitigation Matrix that maps these mitigations to Top 25 weaknesses. Appendix A: Selection Criteria and Supporting Fields Prevalence Prevalence is effectively an average of values that were provided by voting contributors to the 2010 Top 25 list. Linux Kernel Newbies. Open source programming tools on the rise. If the open source model has a sweet spot, it's in programming tools.

Open source programming tools on the rise

Linus Torvalds's fabled "world domination" on the desktops of clerks or CEOs may never arrive, but it's already here on the computers of programmers everywhere. Even in the deepest corners of proprietary stacks, open source tools can be found, often dominating. The reason is clear: Open source licenses are designed to allow users to revise, fix, and extend their code. The barber or cop may not be familiar enough with code to contribute, but programmers sure know how to fiddle with their tools. [ Also on InfoWorld: Find out which 7 programming languages are on the rise in today's enterprise and beware the 12 programming mistakes to avoid. | Keep up on key application development insights with the Fatal Exception blog and Developer World newsletter. ]

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