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The Zen to Done Productivity Method. There's a reason New Year's Resolutions are so hard to keep: Reinventing the way you live overnight requires a willpower that most of us don't have. And yet—many popular productivity systems ask you to uproot your work in just that way. Changing a single habit is hard enough, but changing them all at once? Nearly impossible. Zen to Done offers a solution: It shows you how to develop the habits you need one by one to succeed with a multi-step productivity system. What is Zen to Done? Zen to Done (ZTD) is a productivity system created by Leo Babauta of Zen Habits. Makes the whole thing feel a lot more doable. All together, Zen to Done suggests forming 10 productivity-boosting habits. Collect: Get ideas and to-dos out of your brain and onto a list.Process: Review your list daily and decide how to act on each item.Plan: Pick a few high priority items to accomplish each week and every day.Do: Schedule time to accomplish your selected to-dos without interruptions.

The Collect Habit The Plan Habit. Top 10 Clever Google Search Tricks | Lifehacker Australia. Powerbot. Guide. Getting Things Done Fast Workbook. How to Scan Documents Directly into Evernote. Thanks to Evernote, I have been able to go completely paperless in my new home office. For years this was a dream of mine; now it is a reality. Photo courtesy of © In this post, I want to explain how to use a scanner with Evernote. This has been the single biggest clutter-buster for me. No more stacks of paper sitting on my desk or credenza. Those days are history! Ever dreamed of launching your own self-hosted WordPress blog? Instead, I scan all loose papers—receipts, invitations, business cards, bills, warranties, letters, and even entire seminar notebooks—directly into Evernote. Here’s how you can do the same thing in seven steps: Buy an Evernote-compatible scanner. Throw the paper away. Buying a scanner will set you back a few hundred dollars.

Question: How would scanning into Evernote fit into your workflow? Or upgrade to a self-hosted WordPress blog? Drive. TaskClone Home | Put Evernote to Work! How does TaskClone Work? How TaskClone WorksTaskClone allows you to easily get your tasks out of Evernote and in to a more robust task application. We call this process task "cloning". See the diagram and read below for details. (Click image to enlarge) ​Evernote is great for reference, but task apps and calendars better support action. Depending on the capabilities of your task app, you to can set reminders, priorities, due dates, start dates, assignees and more. Find Supported Task Apps. TaskClone works by: Receiving notification from Evernote each time you create or update a note with an unchecked checkbox in it. TaskClone improves on this by: Allowing you to specify which notes are searched by selecting a notebook or tag.

To make all this magic happen, TaskClone only needs two things from you: Access to your Evernote account to filter your notes and clone your tasks. ​ Next: Supported Task Apps, Cloning Tasks Screenshots & Video. iOS Beta Team Beta Recruitment. Send Google Mail to Evernote - HarryOnline. Evernote is a great system to organize your notes, and to remember everything. You often want to add email message to Evernote, for example to add it to a To-do list. Evernote makes this possible by providing an email address, to which you can forward other messages–they will then be added to your other notes. But you still have to tag them, and you may want to put them in a different notebook. This can also be done by appending notebook and tags to the subject line, but this takes time and you can easily make a typing mistaken. The method described here makes it much faster and easier: simply drag tags and notebook to the message, that’s it. How does it work? Each Evernote account comes with a unique email address (like ‘’) which can be used to add content via email.

Here, the messages are forwarded by a Google Apps script. If a sublabel of the Evernote label was attached, it is appended to the subject line with an ‘@’ prefix. Set up the script That’s it. Notes. Send Google Mail to Evernote - HarryOnline.

For me, the best way to selectively send email messages from Gmail into Evernote is by using Harry's script: Basically you use Gmail labels to choose which Evernote notebook will receive the message and to add your own Evernote tags. However, I needed a bit more, so I changed his script so that: 1) I can set a custom EN reminder based on Gmail labels 2) I can have certain EN tags automatically add a reminder (example: if the EN note gets the tag "important", then it will get a reminder for "tomorrow". 3) I can have one Gmail filter that will create a notebook with multiple tags in it and an optional reminder. Here's my setup: Create these 'root' labels on your Gmail account (you can change their names if needed): [Evernote Notebooks] [Evernote Reminders] [Evernote Tags] Then, create as many sub-labels as you want inside those root labels: Main Travel Bills (and so on...) 1week today tomorrow !!

! Development personal per-hobby per-photo finance fin-bill fin-invoice location. Two Ways to Evernote Note Links to Get Things Done and Be Productive. I know. I have been there many times! Choosing just one app to help you get things done and be more productive is challenging! There are so many people (myself included) who spend a lot of time jumping from one shiny app to the next because they read a review about it on Lifehacker or because they saw it featured in the Google Play or iTunes App Store. But, in today’s post, I will make two suggestions on how to best leverage the Evernote copy note links for your projects and integrate it with several task manager on the market today!

Leverage Evernote for every project. Every time. In my opinion, the single most effective feature in Evernote is copy note linking. First, create a new notebook stack for your active, inactive, and closed projects. This will help you use Evernote as your centralized repository for all of your project materials. Use a Task Manager that Likes Copy Note Links. Here’s where it gets really good. Your Next Actions Are you using Evernote copy note links this way? Freeplane Tutorial Extensions. If you are not English: see Translated wiki pages if this tutorial has been translated into your language.

This tutorial refers to Freeplane 1.2, which was released on October 20, 2012. This Freeplane Tutorial Extensions describes a Tutorial with basic terms and how to use the basic Freeplane functions. In addition it contains examples of use cases and concrete instructions how to make these cases. The Tutorial is divided into parts for the Beginner, Advanced user and Professional user. The examples below are labelled in a similar way helping to indicate the level of difficulty if you want to make a map yourself. You may view the examples without having Freeplane installed. What is mind mapping Mind mapping is a technique for collecting, developing and sharing ideas (like the plot of a story or threads of a new idea) in a visual map.

The mind map on the right shows you some of the processes involved. The advantages of Freeplane are presented in the mind map, as hidden information. Tutorial. ActiveInbox: Make your Inbox your Donebox. Development. Mind Map Tips. Business Model ToolBox. Getting Things Done: Using Gmail, Toodledo, and Evernote to Achieve Inbox Zero. Many people often ask how I manage to juggle so many different responsibilities and still be able to stay on top of it all. I'll admit that since the little one came along in mid-November, things may not be quite as tidy and organized (especially around the house). However, I'm hoping that the systems and routines that I have worked so hard to start and maintain will continue to exist during fatherhood. I've been meaning to read up on David Allen as he seems to be the guru on Getting Things Done (GTD) , but in the meantime, I've managed to develop some processes that help me out. Here are a few examples of what I do and how I use technology to keep everything straight: It all starts with email.

I remember when I first started using email (or even telnet!). Where does it all go? Despite receiving hundreds of emails each week, my Inbox is usually kept to a bare minimum. Step 1) Reply and then Archive. This is the easiest way to handle emails. Step 2) Get it on the Calendar Step 4) Notes vs. Integrate Your Apps · Zapier. Send Gmail to Evernote: an overview of the tools | HarryOnline. Updated 28 June 2013: both Evernote Web Clipper and Powerbot have new versions, the table refers to these new versions. In the creation and development of the Google Apps script to send Gmail messages to Evernote, I have looked around what other tools are available.

These are the other tools that I found: forwarding to the Evernote email address and using the InQloud service;the Evernote Web Clipper (only tested on Windows/Chrome);PowerBot, an extension for Chrome (also others versions available, e.g., for Firefox and Safari)IFTTT and Zapier, tools that enable you to connect between other web services I have looked at how well these tools keep the formatting of the message, whether they keep attachments, have a link back to the message in Gmail, whether they can be automated using Gmail filters, and whether you can select the notebook or tags, and edit/comment on the message before sending. Tools I have found and looked at the following tools. Forwarding InQloud Gmail to Evernote script Zapier. Evernote Tips: The 11 Amazing Features That Make Using Evernote So Freaking Awesome. Danielegold. Adding content to Evernote using email.

Using Evernote for GTD. I use notebooks in a completely different way for GTD. I have notebook stacks for the organizing categories describe best in Making it All Work: inbox, incubating, outcomes, reference, and support. Not everything about GTD is actions. Filing and organization is part of it. So notes move through the process, from inbox, to support, and eventually to reference, where they stay. My tags include tags for areas of focus: family, work, finances, etc. I keep the Action lists elsewhere (Appigo's ToDo app, to be precise) because I find it more convenient than evernote for concentrating on actions alone. But all support material goes into evernote, and the actions get a Note Link. So in ToDo, I can restrict my search to Context:@Computer, AoF:Work" and be completely focused on work I can do at the computer.

The distinction between support and reference is VERY important to this way of working. I have to say, I'm completely with GrumpyMonkey on reducing the number of notebooks. Evernote for GTD? « Thameera's MicroBlog. Life is boring. It’s the little things in life that helps you keep the interest. To keep the embers burning. To make the mundane stuff exciting. To keep it real. To keep you diverted from… oh well, I love being redundant. And what a thoughtful way to start a blog post.

Now to the real stuff. Among the other bazillion things it can be used for, people have been using Evernote as a GTD tool. The first attempt was a disaster; in fact, the project was given up three or four days later. There are quite a few tutorials, rants and forum posts in the interwebs on how people set up GTD in Evernote successfully. One thing to keep in mind is that you’d have to make maximum use Tags and Saved Searches in Evernote for this. For reminders (ticklers, in GTD slang), I’m using FollowUpThen.

Wanted to write some more but I’m being summoned for dinner. Like this: Like Loading... Evernote & Gmail Integrations. Setting Up The Secret Weapon. Mac Version: Download the latest version of Evernote (EN). Install it. Windows Version: Download the latest version of Evernote (EN) and Run the program. For both PC and Mac Next, install Evernote onto your mobile phone. Create a new user name and password. Setting up Evernote Install the application. Once you’ve installed Evernote on all your devices, and set up your free Evernote online account, our next suggestion is to set up Evernote like we have. Setting up Notebooks Evernote allows you to separate your items (what Evernote calls “notes” and what TSW calls “to-dos” or “Action Items”) into named containers called Notebooks.

Cabinet: A file cabinet that holds items for reference that aren’t to-do. Action Pending: The Action Pending notebook is where all items that have pending action reside. Completed: The Completed notebook is where we put all that is done. Create your initial Tags The next step is to set up your contexts (tags). Type out the following tags, followed by a Return key: Tip: ! ActiveInbox: Make your Inbox your Donebox. Pocket Informant Pro // Evernote Devcup 2013. Be a Productivity Ninja: Calendar, Tasks, Notes & Contacts. Built with over 10 years of mobile calendaring prowess, we've focused on the best user experience for the power user - as well as those who need just a bit more than the built-in apps provide.

And now with Evernote and Pocket Informant, you can integrate your tasks,events, and notes in a way that's not possible with any other application. View your Evernote Todos on our calendar alongside your other events and tasks - mark each one off as you do it! In addition: • WEATHER (available as an in-app purchase) to show weather in all calendar views • NATURAL LANGUAGE EVENT AND TASK CREATION - Enter phrases like “Coffee with Mom every Tuesday at 6am”. Pocket Informant will understand and set your event accordingly. Currently, only available for English Demo Video Team. Get Organized!: Using TaskClone to Link Evernote to Your To-Do List. In the last post, we examined the challenges involved with notes from meetings and phone calls. Follow-up is needed to ensure the to-dos and future appointments you trap in your notes are extracted and entered on your to-do list and calendar. We also examined the importance of linking the to-dos and future appointments to the original notes.

Those challenges exist regardless of whether notes are paper-based or digital, and regardless of whether the to-so list and calendar are paper-based or digital. Mobile devices are becoming ubiquitous in today's world of work. Free services allow devices to sync with each other to make digital creation and digital retrieval from everywhere easy. One question I get with increasing frequency involves best practice for taking notes digitally. I am experimenting with a service called TaskClone. In practice, you would take notes in Evernote. But, there are some "to-dos" which come out of this meeting. TaskClone offers a free trial. How to Use Evernote with an iPad to Take Meeting Notes. In 2004, I bought a Toshiba Tablet PC. I had hoped I could use it for taking notes in meetings, using Microsoft’s OneNote software. However, after a few months, I gave up. The system was just too clunky. I resigned myself to using a Moleskine notebook for taking notes in meetings.

However, a few weeks ago, I was sitting in a meeting with one of our authors. Several people pulled out their iPads and began taking notes. If you are just getting started with Evernote, I suggest that you buy Brett Kelly’s remarkably practical e-book, Evernote Essentials, Second Edition. Although I had bought an iPad, I wasn’t that impressed with it. Watching these people type into their iPads made me re-think my position. Since that time, I have replaced my faithful Moleskine notebook with an iPad running Evernote. Here’s why: The iPad is just a little bigger than my Moleskine notebook. If an item is particularly important or insightful, I put a double exclamation mark in front of it, like this: !! Gmail and Evernote Integration with Powerbot. ActiveInbox: Make your Inbox your Donebox. Two ways to import your transactions into Wave : Wave Support. Wave - Free online accounting for small business. Organise Receipts - Shoeboxed - Scan, Email or Mail Receipts - 1300 00 1333.

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