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Drew Cheskin University of Miami: A Devoted Student

12 july 2021

Drew Cheskin University of Miami: A Devoted Student

Are you seeking admission to one of the top universities? Do you wish to become the best student in your university? Then, let us tell you, the best students are not only excel in academics but also try to perform well in extracurricular activities as well. These students rigorously work hard in all directions because they want to prove themselves to be the best. They devote their time to becoming a better version of themselves. One such student is Drew Cheskin University of Miami, among many others at the University of Miami.

Drew Cheskin is a talented student at the University of Miami. But he does not solely rely on his talents. Instead, he works thard to develop new skills by focusing on both studies and volunteer work. Drew Cheskin University of Miami, like many students nowadays, believes that it is extremely important to give back to society because it provides so much good.

Because of his positive thought, Drew Cheskin University of Miami has done a lot of volunteer work. For example, he has uploaded his notes to a note-taker network so students who need extra help can benefit from them. His passion for animals is shown by his volunteer work to introduce dogs to potential adoptive owners so that the dogs can find a new home.

Drew Cheskin University of Miami also has done a wonderful job of helping to organized two-week on-campus blood drive in collaboration with OneBlood and Sgt. Addy Villanueva, Police Sergeant at University of Miami, to collect blood, plasma, and platelets for Covid and other patients. They were successful in collecting over 200 units of blood in those two weeks, which could help over 500 patients. In addition to this work, he has also worked as a Counselor with Miami’s Children Theatre Camp. He has also worked with Shake-a-Leg Miami Summer Camp as a Mentor.

Drew Cheskin, like many students, has also done wonders for the community in extra-curricular activities. He strives to be a role model for other the students at the University of Miami. He is extremely goal-oriented and works in a planned manner to achieve his goals on time. He also is the greatest critic of himself. He identifies his problem areas and works hard to make them his strongest areas in his academics and other aspects of life. Even in his volunteer work, he is always looking for newer opportunities. Drew Cheskin University of Miami is a student that aspires to be courageous, dedicated, and determined to do good for the community.

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