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Drew Cheskin Miami: A Serious, Civic Minded Student

07 june 2021

Drew Cheskin Miami: A Serious, Civic Minded Student

Do you dream of studying at one of the leading universities? If so, you might know that you need to work hard to get admission to the best university in one of your favorite courses. However, your job as a student doesn’t just end after getting admission. You need to actively contribute to the community and gain experience that can build your personality and, of course, your resume. With hardwork and volunteer experience, you can reap the benefits in the future. If you don’t believe us, you can take a look at Drew Cheskin Miami. Being an undergraduate student atthe University of Miami, Drew Cheskin has not only worked hard academically but also contributed to the community.

With an impressive background, he has gained a lot of experience doing volunteer work as a student both at the University of Miami and while in high school. As he is a student of B.S.C Motion Pictures Production, he certainly has an intense academic routine and curriculum. But that doesn’t stop him from doing good work. Drew Cheskin Miami recently helped organize a blood and plasma donation drive atthe university. He collaborated with the organization OneBlood and Sgt. Addy Villanueva, Police Sergeant, University of Miami Police Department Special Services. This blood/plasma donation drive encouraged the students to donate their blood that can be used for the families and patients who need it the most. Drew Cheskin Miami was dedicated to help OneBlood collect as much as possible.

And his efforts didn’t go in vain. The blood drive was able to collect 195 units of blood that can be used for 585 patients. With his constant efforts to build a better community, he has already helped save lives with this effort. And that’s not it! He has a special inclination to helping the children in the community. Drew Cheskin Miami has worked with Miami Children’s Theatre Camp where he worked with the artistic staff training kids from age 6 to 11. He helped them in the production and rehearsals of Madagascar, A Musical Adventure, Jr.

Drew Cheskin Miami has also volunteered at Shake-A-Leg Miami Summer Camp to help develop artistic ability in children with neurotypical disabilities. Well, he is also a dog lover. He has worked with the Miami-Dade Animal Shelter and walked dogs of all breeds and sizes. He has also introduced dogs to their potential adoptive parents. How cool is that!

And if that wasn’t enough to motivate you to do something good for the community, he has also not hesitated to share his notes on Note Taker for disabled students at the University. Drew Cheskin is not just a serious student but he also is civic minded. With responsible students and citizens, our community can move in the right direction.

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