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Drew Cheskin: A Dedicated Student at the University of Miami

12 july 2021

Drew Cheskin: A Dedicated Student at the University of Miami

College life is supposed to be a memorable experience, including at the University of Miami. Students dream becoming successful in their desired career path. But passion, dedication, and hard work is required to make this possible. Students like Drew Cheskin at the University of Miami are willing to put in the work.

In addition to working hard in their studies, many students never forget to volunteer when they get the chance. Drew Cheskin is one such student. He has made the Dean’s list at the University of Miami while doing volunteer work, just as he did before college. For example, he volunteered at the Miami-Dade Animal Shelter as a dog walker. Along with helping take care of the dogs, Drew Cheskin helped them meet their adoptive parents. He also volunteered at the Shake-A-Leg Miami Summer Camp, where he worked with disabled children.

Drew Cheskin now is an undergraduate student studying Motion Pictures Production. On campus, Drew Cheskin helped organize a two-week blood and plasma donation drive. He helped organize this program with OneBlood and Sgt. Addy Villanueva, Police Sergeant, University of Miami police department. In this two-week drive, he helped OneBloodcollect over 200 units of blood and plasma that could save the lives of over 500 people.

Drew Cheskin also volunteered to take notes during lectures and upload them on the note-taker network to assist other students who need this help.

Drew Cheskin, like many students at the University of Miami, knows that that if you want to achieve something in life, just dreaming about it is not enough. Students have to put in the hard work and show dedication towards their goals. If a student has a passion for something, they can achieve almost anything. 

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