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Designerscouch #thecritiquenetwork. Text Particles. Typographer's Glossary. Typography Poster Design Inspiration. You may ask yourself before designing a poster how should it looks like, what do you have to point out and how to arrange your text.

Typography Poster Design Inspiration

First. think for what do you want to design the poster, think about the category, services and what does the company / event etc, wants to point out. For example a poster for a new cinema in your town should be movies related and point out that there is a new cinema. Should attract people’s eye so they read that they have a new cinema in their town and go to the premier free movie. I took this example because it’s really easy to think at. What should you point out is the typography that let’s people know about the cinema, so that’s the first and most important step. What did I mean above is that the typography plays an essential step in poster designs because if we think more about it, the typography (text) communicate the message.

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