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Coffee Filter Flowers. Make Your Own Canvas Portrait! I love the look of family photos printed on canvas, but I never knew I could make them at home!

Make Your Own Canvas Portrait!

After transferring photos to fabric, I was super excited to try some pieces using stretched canvas. I hope this inspires some of you to make something special for your home... Here's how I transferred my photo to canvas: 1. Supplies needed- stretched canvas (I chose an 8x10 size), gel medium (I used this kind from Liquidex ), paint brush and the image you want to transfer (laser copy) and a spray bottle filled with water. How To Make Glow-In-The-Dark Mountain Dew. DIY Bottle Cap Earrings. Hi, it's Amy here with a cute wearable DIY.

DIY Bottle Cap Earrings

You can make your own bottle cap earrings using bottle caps from your favorite contemporary beverages -- or you can use vintage bottle caps like I did. I purchased my caps on eBay, but you can often find them at flea markets and antique fairs as well. Supplies: * one pair of matching bottle caps * at least 2 head-pins * 2 ear wires * beads Tools: * hammer (a small household hammer like the one pictured will do) * an awl (can be found at hardware stores or in the leather working section of your local craft store) * jewelry pliers * round-nose jewelry pliers (see the red pair, pictured) Make Your Own Bottle Cap Earrings (a Tutorial): I used to make heaps and heaps of bottle cap jewelry to sell on my site.

Make Your Own Bottle Cap Earrings (a Tutorial):

My favorite has always been making fun creations with vintage caps. Well, due to an annoyingly complicated and somewhat unfair mess, I am no longer selling much bottle cap jewelry on the PinkBird site. So...why not share the "secrets" of making bottle cap earrings with all of you? I have a few special sets of bottle cap jewelry that I've made with soda or beer caps that I have enjoyed while traveling.

This is a great project to inexpensively make your own unique souvenirs. How To Make Bottle Cap Earrings In Just 5 Minutes. By anjum on May 19, 2011 with Comments 0 The novelty earrings have their own charm.

How To Make Bottle Cap Earrings In Just 5 Minutes

In this DIY project, you will learn to make use of bottle caps. You can recycle those bottle caps into an accessory. Yes you can make a pair of trendy and chic earrings from a bottle cap.