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Dreamguy's Technologies

Dreamguys have a team of specialist enthusiast's working on Website Designing, Web and Mobile app development, Digital marketing, and IT services.

Truelysell - On-demand Service Marketplace, Nearby Service Finder. CLOSE WORK - intelligent time tracking software. Hire Developers From Dreamguys Technologies. Dreamguys have a team of specialist enthusiast’s working on Website Designing, Web and Mobile app development, Digital marketing, and IT services.

Hire Developers From Dreamguys Technologies

We can be your perfect business partner and add real value to your company and your customers. With this in mind, we are ready to share your vision and enthusiasm, risks and opportunities, bringing expertise to resolve challenges you’re facing. We provide expert tech resources to develop scalable, secure & compliance ready web and mobile apps using CSS, PHP, CodeIgniter, Drupal, Laravel, Java, Swift, Angular.js, node.js, etc. For any project, hire one of our dedicated developers to work on an hourly, monthly or contract basis (a week for Free of cost ) and you can keep your resource for as long as your project requires. Once hired, your dedicated resource is devoted exclusively to your project.

At Dreamguys, We believe in making cutting-edge technological innovations within emerging industries, from Web and Mobile. YOSI HEALTH - Fully Integrated Mobile Patient Registration. NEW HRMS - HR, Payroll, Project & Employee Management Software. BestatLaundry – Online Booking Laundry App UK. Doccure - Doctor Appointment Booking Software. Hire dedicated Full Stack developers, programmers & coders. Top Clients and Custom Software Solutions. How to Hire the Best React.js Developers For Your Project? Notwithstanding how fair-minded we might want to be, our first introduction of any project relies upon the manner in which its front-end looks.

How to Hire the Best React.js Developers For Your Project?

From an organization’s front-end we can decide what amount does it care about the picture, the significance the quality plays in the value of the organization, and so forth? For the explanation, up-market organizations will not in general save money “all over”. They know all the speculations they have placed in it will be paid off abundantly. Why demand is increasing to hire React.js developer? The current statistics demonstrated React.js to be the top tier among front-end structures. Node Package Manager provides an all outnumber of in excess of 250+ million downloads between 2019 and 2020, leaving its adversaries a long way behind. 150 thousand stars on Github, and the technology being utilized by social media platforms and other Fortune 600+ organizations, make an interest for hire React.js developer to develop at a record pace. Final Note.

Top Ten Tips to Hire Healthcare App Developers - Dreamguy's Technologies. Healthcare business needs a mobile app in today’s digital world.

Top Ten Tips to Hire Healthcare App Developers - Dreamguy's Technologies

These days, many app developers claim that they deliver the best-in-class healthcare app. In such a situation, you may get confused that totally wastes your valuable money and time. Top 7 Tips to Hire UI/UX Designer. If you are an entrepreneur and you don’t have knowledge about User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX) then today is a perfect time for an instant tip. 1.

Top 7 Tips to Hire UI/UX Designer

Hiring Plans Are Very Important. TOP 10 TIPS TO HIRE ANDROID APP DEVELOPERS FOR YOUR PROJECT. With the advancements of technologies, mobile applications have become a need for all businesses.


Android is one among the developing platforms that many businesses or projects require for its branding and promotion. So, let’s have a look at the top 10 tips in order to hire Android developers for your project. Glance at the below, Don’t Hire Low Budget DevelopersCheck the Existing Projects of DevelopersLook for Professional Android Development TeamStrong Knowledge of Open Source PlatformsChoose Certified and Reputed App Development CompanyAssociation with Past ClientsVerify Developer’s ApproachInquire about Developers TeamPrivacy Agreements and NDA are EssentialDiscuss the Post Development Processes and Supports 1.

Better to avoid low-budget developers because it ends up with a poor quality mobile app. 2. Before starting to hire Android developers, you must check their previous project and working portfolio which has been done by them. 3. HIRE REMOTE DEVELOPERS WITH DREAMGUYS TECHNOLOGIES. Post COVID-19 pandemic, remote work has been on rise.


Though we are slowly coming out of COVID-19 situation, most of the companies have started shifting towards remote work. Thus, the need to hire remote developers has increased tremendously. Dreamguy’s technologies in particular has been the choice for most of the companies. Why hire remote developers from Dreamguy’s Technologies? Pool of qualified developers Dreamguy’s Technologies focuses on both quality as well as quantity. Cost effective When compared to recruiting talents with global hotspots, hiring developers from Dreamguy’s Technologies is 60% cost – effective.

Pool of talents with global exposure. Hire iOS & Android App Developers in India & UK. I have purchased script of product from Dreamguy’s.

Hire iOS & Android App Developers in India & UK

While uploading the script in my system I struggled to complete the access into my cPanel. I was hesitant but final decided to grant them access into the cPanel. Simply they asked to provide my purchase details and within minutes I received an email which was solved. I was satisfied and they gave me awesome support! Katt, United States They are nice people and super fast response, you can find a little bug on the script but you can report about that and they help you asap, they can solve the reported issue, can I tell you what you dont regret of this buy.

Pineda SVR, El Salvador. TOP 5 TIPS ON CHOOSING THE RIGHT WEB DEVELOPMENT COMPANY. In this present trending digital world, designing a standard and unique website is very essential in any kind of business.


When you are planning to initiate your business it is must you have to look for the effective web developers as there are many agency who claim themselves as the best and finally end up with providing poor quality design and coding in high budget, wrong e-commerce solutions to the customers. If you hire the web developer blindly without complete knowledge about the web developer and his agency, it results in low quality of work, loss of money, waste of time and failure of your project. In order to avoid such disappointments here are few tips to choose the best web development company for your business to be successful. The work portfolio of the company provides the complete details of all the types of projects previously handled by the company.

HOW TO HIRE DEDICATED FRONT-END DEVELOPER FOR YOUR ORGANIZATION. A user interface is very much essential for the look and feel of any website.


Whenever a person visits the website, the first thing they look for is the design of the user interface. It requires the need for an interactive front end design to appease the users and the visitors. Having a well – designed front – end provides a hassle – free experience to the core. It should make the navigation process easy for the users. Advantages Of Developing Modern Web Apps With React JS. A massive growth has been observed in the development of web and mobile applications in the recent years.

Advantages Of Developing Modern Web Apps With React JS

It is the speed of the application and its scalability that defines the user experience. PROVEN TIPS TO HIRE MOBILE APP DEVELOPER FOR YOUR PROJECT. Do have any plan to develop an application? Are you planning to earn money with this idea as well? With the scope of digital marketing and demand for applications, you can very well mobilize this idea. There are several app developments that turn out to be unsuccessful due to several reasons. Hence, it is advisable to hire a mobile app developer for this cause. Before hiring a mobile app developer consider the following factors. Hire Full Stack Developers in India & UK. Front-end Technologies. BENEFITS OF HIRING DEDICATED DEVELOPERS FOR YOUR BUSINESS. With the shift in technology paradigm, need for skills is plenty. In such case, the dedicated development team secures a unique spot. They help in implementing anything you want related to the technology.

Their attention will be completely focused on completing the project within the stipulated time possible. WHY LARAVEL IS THE BEST CHOICE FOR ENTERPRISE APP DEVELOPMENT? One of the robust open source PHP frameworks for developing enterprise applications is Laravel. Laravel is available for free of cost. It is considered as the highly recommended framework for developing applications due to its secure routing, verification and testing features.

The prototype makes it highly convenient for developing web applications with its controller structure. Here, the syntax used for web development is highly expressive thus making it highly convenient to use. HOW TO HIRE A FULL STACK DEVELOPER FOR YOUR PROJECT? - Dreamguy's Technologies. Before your hire a full stack developer make sure that the developer is suitable for your project. The skills that he or she possess should be able to meet the necessities of your project. Tips to Hire The Best PHP Developer - Dreamguy's Technologies. The most critical resource required for developing a website is the PHP developer.