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Dreamcast deliver seamless live video streaming solutions over the web and enhance your brand visibility with our fast, reliable and easy-to-install services in Dubai.

What Is A Hybrid Event? The Hybrid Event 2021 Guide. Virtual hybrid trade shows are the future of the industry - Vietura. The novel Covid-19 pandemic has drastically impacted the global economy and has changed the way events are now conducted.

Virtual hybrid trade shows are the future of the industry - Vietura

However, virtual hybrid trade shows were getting more and more popular even before the pandemic had hit. A virtual hybrid trade fair is a mix of in-person events and virtual experiences. Such events are a great way to enhance the reach of the event. It is so because it gives people the flexibility to either physically attend the event, or remotely view it if they are not able to make it in person. Moreover, people from various countries and time zones can be part of the event which is not possible with an in-person event. A recent survey was conducted during the Global Meeting Industry Day. Virtual and Hybrid Event Post Covid.

Gone are the days of waiting in long queues, brimming our patience for hours and indulging ourselves in tedious transportation.

Virtual and Hybrid Event Post Covid

The covid-19 pandemic changed everything around us. There is no denying the fact that mankind was challenged with a progression of puzzling conditions that influenced every aspect of our lifestyle. While this pandemic brought in extremely bewildering situations, we can’t skip the fact that it also opened provisos to an entirely different dimension. Along with technology comes evolution, thus covid-19 pandemic saw a great ascent in virtual events. Top Solutions for Hosting a Successful Annual General Meeting - Orgella Online. Virtual meetings are the only way for organisations to group and have formal discussions during the pandemic.

Top Solutions for Hosting a Successful Annual General Meeting - Orgella Online

Hence, annual general meetings are no exception. A virtual AGM is a meeting between an organisation and its board members, or shareholders. Since results are reported, business is discussed and resolutions are voted on, it is very serious business. So, the virtual platform must provide a seamless experience so that your virtual annual general meeting is an absolute success! In this blog, we will share with you all the essential details about a virtual AGM and provide effective solutions so that you can have a stellar AGM without any disruptions. 10 most effective strategies for marketing virtual events – Naija LivingUK. The advent of technology has opened doors for new and revolutionary ways of conducting events.

10 most effective strategies for marketing virtual events – Naija LivingUK

Virtual or online events have become increasingly popular in the modern era and especially after the pandemic. Virtual events allow brands and organizations to attain a global reach and interact with hundreds or thousands of people in different regions and different time zones, remotely. However, it is the planning, promotion, and execution of the event that determines its success. There are an effective and innovative event planning and promotion strategies that can be implemented and ensure that your online event won’t fade away in the digital shuffle. Effective ways to make attendees sign up, tune in, and engage! Virtual Events The Future of B2B Marketing. The Covid-19 pandemic has made drastic shifts in the way businesses have to run these days.

Virtual Events The Future of B2B Marketing

The pandemic has compelled many organizations to either cancel or postpone their physical meetings. As a result, most businesses are taking a break while some are trying to dig deep for solutions. Organizing virtual events has become the need of the day for most B2B marketers by now. Businesses are enjoying valuable opportunities in the face of adversity. These opportunities are helping companies learn how to create impactful virtual events and bring back the spark within a B2B enterprise. What makes virtual events click in the current business environment? Virtual events are an integral part of the marketing strategy for any enterprise and can either build or destroy the brand image on a larger scale. Virtual events also strengthen your bond with existing and prospective customers at any stage of the purchasing funnel.

Ways in which businesses can achieve goals through virtual events. Top Features of Dreamcast Virtual Event Platform You Must Know. Today, hosting the virtual hybrid event has gained momentum and has become a new norm.

Top Features of Dreamcast Virtual Event Platform You Must Know

More than 70% of events have gone virtual whereas others opted for a hybrid event format to experience the same look and feel of in-person interactions. With the increase in the demand for virtual hybrid events, an upsurge in the demand for virtual event platforms has upscaled. Dreamcast: All-in-One Virtual Event Platform – Trusted by Businesses Globally Dreamcast, a top leading virtual event platform offers comprehensive features and customisable services to host any type of live physical event into a visually captivating virtual format. Our platform is built on a safe, secure, and scalable foundation that enables organisers to set up a 3D virtual event while keeping privacy intact. The brilliant services and features offered by our platform make any event stand out by giving it the much-desired hype. Top Features of Dreamcast Virtual Event Platform You Must Know. Dreamcast & Taggbox Are Partners Now: Social Walls In Virtual Events. Dreamcast is more than happy to announce our partnership with Taggbox – Best UGC platform – an effective and powerful tool to create & display live social walls to engage audiences.

Dreamcast & Taggbox Are Partners Now: Social Walls In Virtual Events

We at Dreamcast, assist worldwide Event Organizers, Brands & Organizations of all scales, in hosting Virtual as well as Hybrid Events and help them connect with their participating audience seamlessly. As audience engagement is the most critical aspect of any event, our partnership will prove to be the perfect solution to enhance audience interaction and engagement during Virtual events.

We spend day and night researching for the best possible ways to magnify attendees’ experience and keep them engaged throughout the event. We found social media walls are a great way to do so and bring several audience engagement opportunities. How to Host Virtual Events: The Ultimate Virtual Event Planning List. Today, virtual events have become a standalone venture for organisations and businesses to reach a wide segment of global attendees.

How to Host Virtual Events: The Ultimate Virtual Event Planning List

A sudden spike in the percentage of virtual events has been noted in 2020. With the unforecasted advent of the COVID-19 global pandemic, live physical events have been stopped completely. As restrictions were imposed on travelling and people are pushed to follow social distancing protocols, live physical events are transformed into virtual formats. Organisations around the world leveraged virtual event technology to keep going in the challenging times of the global health crisis.

Virtual Event Engagement Strategies. Having amplified engagement during the virtual event is the key to a successful event.

Virtual Event Engagement Strategies

Driving engagements is one of the most important tasks for virtual event planners. By incorporating innovative and creative strategies one can boost better virtual attendee engagements. Tips for Hosting Virtual AGM (Annual General Meeting) AGMs ( Annual General Meetings) is one of the most important events for every industry that are held annually every year.

Tips for Hosting Virtual AGM (Annual General Meeting)

The meeting takes place between the interested stakeholders and the company’s director to discuss the overall performance of the year. With the sudden outbreak of coronavirus global pandemic, the most important events of the year either got postponed or cancelled. To ensure the health safety of the nation, restrictions have been imposed on travelling and public gatherings. To meet the social distancing protocols enforced by the government, organisations have leveraged virtual event technology to keep going. Virtual Trade Shows Platform. Virtual trade shows hosted on an interactive and engaging platform enables exhibitors and attendees to connect seamlessly and have direct communication via interactive features, such as live audio & video chats, 1 on1 or group video calls, Q&A sessions, live webinars, on-demand webinars or pre-recorded webinars, lucky draws, quizzes, webcasts and much more. Dreamcast, a leading virtual trade show platform offers personalised solutions for hosting virtual trade fairs & shows as per business needs.

We offer exquisite customisation options that enable organisers to organize a virtual trade fair or a show as per individual needs and requirements. We offer top-class services that make it easy to organise and manage virtual events for remote attendees. The platform offers detailed analytics and performance metrics of the event to measure the accurate ROI. Moreover, virtual events & trade shows hosted on Dreamcast is backed 24*7 with the team of professional expertise. 1. 2. 3. Top Zoom Alternatives for Virtual Conference. Due to the sudden outbreak of coronavirus global pandemic organisations around the world have gone virtual. Businesses worldwide came to a halt with the impact of COVID-19.

Industries who never operated virtual events have leveraged virtual event technology to keep going in times of global crisis. Even before the advent of the global pandemic, many organisations that are widespread globally were utilising virtual conferences since long. They are utilising virtual conferences to connect and network with attendees and global delegates seamlessly. It does not require attendees to travel to a distant location to attend a meeting or a conference. Video conferencing solutions such as Zoom have been utilised by many enterprises over years. Why Do I Need A Virtual Product Launch Event? With the change in dynamics in 2020, in-person events have been transformed completely into a visually rich digital environment. Today, virtual has become a new norm and it won’t be wrong to say it is indefinitely the future of the event industry.

Virtual events have been prevalent for a long time. But due to the unforeseen impact of the coronavirus global pandemic, the percentage of virtual events spiked up suddenly in 2020. As restrictions have been imposed on public gatherings, travelling and social distancing protocols have been circulated. Buy Electronics Online : Choosing the best 65 inch 4K Smart LED TV - Flat Screen LED TV Best Price. No matter where you are, where you live, or what it is that you do, TV is something everyone enjoys. Especially in today’s times, when staying inside has become the new norm due to the raging COVID-19 pandemic, smart TVs have become the saving grace of many families.

With OTT streaming platforms churning out new content every minute of the day, smart TVs have taken a lot of boredom & emptiness out of our daily lives. For people stuck working from home during this time, smart TVs have proven to be much more effective & helpful, as they help them organize their schedules effectively, & come in handy during virtual meetings & calls. All in all, buying a brand new Smart TV has become the top requirement for today’s times, for nearly every family & individual, in India & abroad.

Considering this, many brands have rolled out affordable, smart models to cater to the needs of each of their customers. In other words, this is just the perfect time to buy 65 inch Smart TV if you’re thinking about it. 6 Incredible Ways to Boost Your Business with Webinars. Well, you all must have come across the term webinars, but do you actually know what is a webinar? A traditional seminar hosted on a web-based platform or software that offers engaging webinar services is known as a webinar. It enables attendees to attend a lecture, seminar, etc. over the web instead of gathering at a physical location. As the name suggests, a webinar is attended by attendees virtually from the comfort of their own space via any device. How to Choose the Right Virtual Event Platform? 2020 resulted in an upheaval of events all due to the impact of the COVID-19 global pandemic.

Switching to Virtual Events? Everything Know About Virtual Events. What is a Virtual Event & How Does It Work? – A Blog for SEO and SMO Enthusiasts by During early 2020, nations went under the lockdown scenarios to fight against the coronavirus global pandemic. The sudden outbreak of the deadly virus has impacted almost every nation around the world. With the change in scenarios, live physical events planned up for the whole year have either got postponed or cancelled. Virtual Trade Shows: 5 Benefits Of Virtual Trade Shows & Fairs. Trade shows are an effective event for any industry that helps in boosting the market share of the industry. It has been in existence for a long time that helps industries to make the right connections, reach new audience segments, showcase new offerings, and sell more products or services.

Virtual Trade Shows. How to Make Virtual Events More Engaging - HD-UK Post. Audience engagement is a crucial aspect of any event. 10 Questions To Ask While Choosing Virtual Event Platform. Virtual Exhibition Fairs, Expos & Booths. Virtual Exhibition Fairs, Expos & Booths. 6 Helpful Virtual Events Audience Engagement Ideas. The Dos and Don'ts for Hosting Successful Virtual Events. With the impact of COVID-19 restrictions have been imposed on travelling and mass gatherings.

5 Simple Steps for a Successful Virtual Event Planning. 5 Simple Steps for a Successful Virtual Event Planning. What are the different Types of Virtual Events? Engagement Tools and Features for Virtual Events. Effective 8 Ways to Improve Your Virtual Trade Show. 7 Things You Need to Know About Hybrid Event - Host Career, Job & Networking Fairs. Advantages of Virtual Exhibitions to Your Organisations and Business.

Benefits of Hybrid events - Latest Event Technologies. Host Virtual Conference Events. Virtual AGM platform. What are the Reasons to Host Hybrid Events? Steps To Launch A Successful Virtual Conference. What are Virtual Events and Their Types? Top 7 Benefits of virtual conferences - Dreamcast Virtual Event Solution Platform - Dreamcast UAE. Event Technology: Virtual Event and Platforms – Technology Blog. Blog. What are Virtual Events and Their Types? - Virtual Events Vs Physical Events: The Definitive Guide. Hybrid Events Examples. Virtual Events in the COVID-19 World.

Live Webinar Webcast Providers, UAE. Live Webinar Webcast Providers, UAE. 12 Must Have Key Features In A Virtual Event Platform. Tips on How to Host Hybrid Events With Virtual Event Platform. Our Playbook for Delivering Successful Virtual Events. A Brief Guide To Hybrid AGM (Annual General Meetings) Key Success Factors For Virtual Exhibitions Or Online Trade Fairs. Virtual Shareholder Meeting - Ways To Improve Shareholder Engagement. 10 Tips to Engage Attendees at Virtual Events and Meetings. An Introduction to Virtual Conferences and Virtual Events. Webinars: Definition and The Purposes It Serves.

Make Your Webinars & Live Stream More Engaging In UAE. 8 Tips To Make Your Virtual Conference Successful. Virtual Event Walkthrough. Want a seamless Virtual Event for UAE? Watch How. 6 Best Ways Webinars Can Drive Company Sales and Growth. How To Plan A Groundbreaking Virtual Trade Fair? Best Practices For Lead Generation During The Covid-19 Pandemic. Why You Need To Host A Virtual Event? Virtual Meeting Solutions. 4 Key Benefits Of A Webinar And Why Host A Webinar? Difference Between Webcasts And Webinars - Live Streaming Solutions. 4 Ways To Increase Your Networking Potential Via Webinars. Guide To Virtual Events And Virtual Conferences. Virtual Classes and E-Learning: The Future Of Education.

The Key Difference Between IGTV and Instagram Live. Tips That Guarantee A Full House At Your Webinar - Visual Marketing! Live Streaming in 2020 - Top 5 Solutions That Are Changing The World. Guide To Run A Fully Remote Team During Lockdown. The Definitive Guide To Webinar For Marketing. All About Live Streaming Outdoor Events - Equipment, Internet & Tips. Top 3 Video Streaming Platforms Comparison 2020. Complete Guide To 360 Degree Live Streaming. Top 9 Best Live Video Conferencing Services for Small Business. Music Live Streaming Concert - All You Need To Know. Benefits, How To Host, Strategies & More. Interesting Live Streaming Facts & Statistics. What Is Video Conferencing? - Definition, Advantages & Disadvantages. The Easy Way To Get A Powerful Live Streaming CDN. Top Ten Live Streaming Tips For Brands.

The Ultimate Guide for Business Events Live Webcasting. How To Go Live On Youtube - The Complete Guide. The Mega Guide To Live Streaming Events. Is Live Streaming The Future of Social Media? Periscope Streaming Services. The Complete Guide To Facebook Live Streaming. A Complete Guide on How to Use Periscope Live. Guide To Instagram Live Streaming (Step-By-Step Guide) How To Start Academic Events Live Streaming?

Live Video Broadcast on YouTube. Ultimate Guide to Social Media Live Streaming in 2019.