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One Click Wonders

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Secrets for Nicotine. TV without context. SPIN. Corn dog on corn dog. WHAT DO YOU CALL A THEIVING DUCK? A ROBBER DUCK. From the dark past. Pusheen the cat. Walama. Find the Invisible Cow. Staggering Beauty. Vectorpark. Feed the Head. Bury Me With My Money. Patience is a virtue. I watched Ned RiddlyDiddlying for 10 Sec. Is it Christmas? Eel slap! GRANDPANOCLOTHES. Collection of hampus lindwall, falling falling .com by rafaël rozendaal, 2011. sound by gloumouth1.

CAT BOUNCE! DUCKS QUACK ME UP. Inner doubts. THEY SHOULD HAVE DUCKTORS INSTEAD OF VETS. Chicken on a Raft. Smokingmonkey. Crouton. Dots Visualizer. Strobe Illusion. Alter Ego. The Useless Web.