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Paranomral Parodies

We are an internet radio comedy group, updating monsters from the paranormal and doing new twists on the classic ones.






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Paranormal Parodies
Trail's End Popcorn

We are also trying to show development of shows and productions we do. This is why we have chosen to do the Pearls the way we are doing now. by dreagusproductions Jan 6

here's a tip : you should organize your pearls/pearltrees in sub-pearltrees : they will be easier to explore and to share :) by amsika Oct 24

Help us develop the best new horror comedy show on internet radio shows and beyond today. by dreagusproductions Oct 24

I really Like Pearltrees it has helped keep us informed on show strategies as well as better ways of getting out to the public. Dreagus aka Mark Co-Producer Paranormal Parodies by dreagusproductions Oct 4