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Bariatric Care Centers

| At Bariatric Care Centers, the staff is composed of compassionate individuals that are solely interested in assisting each patient in achieving their surgical weight loss goal. They provide the utmost guidance which includes on-site nutritional counseling, insurance and financial counseling, as well as pre and post-operative support. They assist each patient with respect, privacy and dignity. Dr. Mirza and his staff enjoy everday celebrating the patient's achievements in changing their life and eliminating their life threatening health conditions associated with obesity. In an effort to better serve our patient's needs, we provide a multi-lingual practice which includes: Spanish, French and Arabic.

Vitamins & Supplements to Aid Your Recovery After Weight Loss Surgery. As bariatric surgery is becoming a more and more common procedure, you might be considering it as a solution to your own obesity.

Vitamins & Supplements to Aid Your Recovery After Weight Loss Surgery

Or maybe you’ve already undergone bariatric surgery in Houston, and you’re still unsure of what changes to make for your new gastric sleeve diet. While weight loss surgery is quite advanced and safe today, it is still a very serious and drastic procedure, and there are certainly still some important things to consider for your recovery. Regardless of whether you’ve had a gastric bypass, lap band, or a sleeve gastrectomy, the end result will be the same. The size of your stomach will be greatly reduced, leaving you with changed dietary needs. This can have serious medical implications, as vitamins and minerals contribute greatly to your overall health, including your metabolism regulation, digestion, and conversion of food to energy.

Bariatric Surgeries The effectiveness of gastric bypass surgery is produced by three mechanisms: How to Talk to Your Loved Ones About Your Weight Loss Surgery. If you’ve been struggling with obesity throughout your life, odds are that you’ve considered weight loss surgery at least at one point, or perhaps you’ve already scheduled it, or maybe even already undergone weight loss surgery in Houston and are in the recovery process.

How to Talk to Your Loved Ones About Your Weight Loss Surgery

In any case, if you haven’t spoken with your friends and family about it and explained the procedure and your reasons to them, they might not understand, or they’ve developed and are harboring fears and concerns of their own. Understandably, finding the right way to discuss such a private and life-changing procedure with your closest loved ones can be difficult and, perhaps, even frightening, but it doesn’t have to be.

Talking to our loved ones is a necessary step in ensuring that you have the support and care you need to give you the best chance of success in this new stage of your life. Reasons to Consider Weight Loss Surgery reduce the effects of the condition, or even reverse it entirely, in some cases. How to Talk About Weight Loss Surgery to a Loved One. Vitamins & Supplements to Aid Your Recovery After Weight Loss Surgery. Hiring a Lobbyist: 101. What Are Your Goals?

Hiring a Lobbyist: 101

Before hiring a lobbyist, it’s important to have a clear idea of the specific results you want to achieve. Vague or unspecified goals do not give the lobbyist a good grasp of what you would like to accomplish, impairing his or her ability to inform you whether these goals are feasible and impacting the lobbyist’s ability to deliver results. Your lobbyist can’t tell other people what you want if you’re not sure what you want yourself. With a clearly stated goal, a lobbyist can inform you whether he or she can help you and suggest alternative goals if the stated goal is unachievable.

What Are the Lobbyist’s Areas of Expertise? Different industries and issues have different players and priorities. If you’re having trouble finding a lobbyist with expertise in your area, check out this database from Services Offered When hiring lobbying representation, it is important to choose an organization that can offer the support you need. Accolades Price. I’m Just a Bill: Understanding the Journey of New Laws in America.

Most Americans learn about the process by which our country passes laws in middle school when we study the Constitution.

I’m Just a Bill: Understanding the Journey of New Laws in America

The separation of powers is clearly outlined; any bill must be voted upon by both chambers of the legislative branch and signed by the executive before it becomes the law of the land and is enforced by the judiciary. It’s a simple process, at first blush, but, ultimately, the framers left many specifics up to future generations for interpretation. Today, proposed legislation must pass through a labyrinth of committees and dozens of lawmakers’ hands before it ever has a shot of being approved by the president and becoming law. While most of us have a general grasp on how this works, there are many steps in the process which remain opaque and are generally misunderstood by anyone except professors, Washington lobbyists, and the lawmakers themselves.

Ideas Can Change the World Every bill starts off as an idea in someone’s mind. Introduction in Congress On to the Floor. Tackling the Pros and Cons of Tax Reform in the Trump Era. LIFE AFTER GASTRIC SLEEVE SURGERY: WHAT TO EXPECT. You’ve decided to go ahead with gastric sleeve surgery.


You’ve selected the best bariatric surgeon. You’ve sat down and discussed all of your options. You’re aware of the pre-op requirements and the possible complications. Questions to Ask Before Choosing Gastric Sleeve Surgery. If you’re considering weight loss surgery, it’s important to know it’s a life-changing decision.

Questions to Ask Before Choosing Gastric Sleeve Surgery

Regardless of what type of surgery you and your doctor decide is best, bariat ric surgery will limit how much and even what kinds of foods you’ll be able to eat going forward. It’s important to carefully consider how this will affect your life. Existing medical conditions, risks during and after surgery, and cost are also important considerations. Gastric sleeve surgery (also called sleeve gastrectomy) is the most popular bariatric surgery today, and for good reason. More importantly, many patients experience resolution of obesity-related medical conditions such as diabetes and high blood pressure, greatly improving their quality of life.

What You Need To Know About Gastric Bypass Surgery. More than one-third of the adults population in the U.S. struggle with obesity.

What You Need To Know About Gastric Bypass Surgery

Bariatric surgery has been a blessing for millions of Americans who have struggled to lose weight without success. For those battling morbid obesity, bariatric surgery can be a literal lifesaver.