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Bariatric Care Centers

| At Bariatric Care Centers, the staff is composed of compassionate individuals that are solely interested in assisting each patient in achieving their surgical weight loss goal. They provide the utmost guidance which includes on-site nutritional counseling, insurance and financial counseling, as well as pre and post-operative support. They assist each patient with respect, privacy and dignity. Dr. Mirza and his staff enjoy everday celebrating the patient's achievements in changing their life and eliminating their life threatening health conditions associated with obesity. In an effort to better serve our patient's needs, we provide a multi-lingual practice which includes: Spanish, French and Arabic.

How Weight gain and High Cholesterol Are Related. If you are overweight, you have an increased risk of having high cholesterol or LDL.

How Weight gain and High Cholesterol Are Related

Low-density lipoprotein is notoriously “bad” because it accumulates on the walls of blood vessels. Emotional Eating: Preventing Stress and Depression Eating. Most of us eat because we are hungry, but, for emotional eaters, it is a tendency that arises every time certain emotions or stressors are experienced.

Emotional Eating: Preventing Stress and Depression Eating

Unfortunately, eating to suppress negative emotions doesn’t eliminate those emotions. We examine emotional eating and provide ways to find obesity help in Houston, including tactics to prevent the events and triggers that can cause it. What Is Emotional Eating? Emotional eating is the tendency to respond to negative feelings by consuming large quantities of food. Often, because these foods are consumed in order to suppress negative feelings, the food consumed is very rarely enjoyed.

The Emotional Eating Cycle The cycle of emotional eating begins with a stressor. How Much Weight Is Safe to Lose in One Week? Like most important changes, one of the most effective steps toward attaining your weight loss goals is to set safe, measurable, and attainable ones.

How Much Weight Is Safe to Lose in One Week?

Is Bariatric Surgery Reversible? For some who have been struggling to lose weight for some time and are eligible, having bariatric surgery in Houston can be an effective weight loss solution.

Is Bariatric Surgery Reversible?

However, some wonder whether these procedures are reversible. Here’s what you need to know if you’re considering sleeve gastrectomy or gastric bypass surgery. Can You Eat Fast Food After Bariatric Surgery? This is a common question when considering weight loss surgery with a bariatric Houston clinic or one in your local area.

Can You Eat Fast Food After Bariatric Surgery?

Of course, your doctor will advise you about what types of foods are best at various stages following your surgery, but these guidelines can help you make the right choices when you find yourself facing fast food. Even if you do not choose a bariatric surgery in our Houston weight loss center, reducing or eliminating fast food is a healthy choice you can make that goes beyond deciding to weigh less. Let’s look into why fast food causes problems after a gastric bypass or bariatric sleeve procedure in Houston, selecting from the limited choices available in restaurants, and how fast food affects the body in ways other than weight gain.

Bariatric Surgery and Reproductive Health. Research is proving the link between obesity and infertility, as shown by a wide range of studies.

Bariatric Surgery and Reproductive Health

Many people are choosing bariatric surgery in Houston or their local area to overcome fertility challenges and keep weight off long term. How does weight loss surgery help reverse the effects of obesity and the associated medical conditions that impact fertility? Does Being Overweight Prevent Pregnancy? Studies show that being overweight or obese, is a contributing factor to female infertility. There are proven links between obesity and these conditions that may prevent women from conceiving or carrying a child to term:1 Menstrual cycle disturbances, causing infrequent or irregular periodsPCOS (polycystic ovary syndrome) which causes problems with the ovaries and eggsAbnormal endometrial tissue, which means changes in the lining of the uterus that interfere with egg implantationIncreased risk of miscarriage, pre-eclampsia, and gestational diabetes during pregnancy.

How Much Is Weight Influenced by Heredity? We often hear that our body weight is determined by how many calories we eat versus how many we burn, but this is, in fact, a simplistic view of things.

How Much Is Weight Influenced by Heredity?

In actuality, our body weight is determined by how our individual combination of genetics, environment, and learned behaviors influence this equation. We will explore the connection between genetics and obesity, as well as the other factors such as family eating habits, which all provide a more detailed understanding of the process of weight gain and weight loss.

This understanding is important because, no matter what genes you inherited or your starting place, you can achieve a healthy body weight by changing your lifestyle. 6 Tips to Avoid Back to School Weight Gain. Going back to school in the fall is a major lifestyle change for many students.

6 Tips to Avoid Back to School Weight Gain

Instead of the active lifestyle of the summer, the new norm becomes focused around food, snacks, partying, lack of sleep, and stress or comfort eating. When struggling to lose weight during college years, some choose bariatric surgery in Houston as a way to regain control of their rising weight. Studies have shown that 70% of students gain weight at school, with gains between 12 and 37 pounds reported.1 Of even greater concern was the fact that most of this weight was fat tissue, rather than increased muscle mass or normal growth patterns.

The Connection Between Weight Loss and Hypertension. Research shows a link between weight gain and high blood pressure.1 Losing as little as 10 pounds, however, could lower your blood pressure.

The Connection Between Weight Loss and Hypertension

In fact, it is the most effective way to reduce hypertension in those who are overweight.1 Understanding this connection might help you feel motivated to lose weight through a focused diet plan or bariatric surgery in Houston. High blood pressure, or hypertension, increases the risk of cardiovascular disease. How to Lose Fat and Gain Muscle at the Same Time. How much a person weighs is not the most accurate way to gauge their overall health and fitness, yet many times we focus on the scale to tell us if we are making progress toward wellness.

How to Lose Fat and Gain Muscle at the Same Time

Especially after taking steps to limit caloric intake or having a gastric sleeve procedure in Houston, promoting muscle growth while losing fat provides the greatest benefit to overall health. Body recomposition refers to focusing on improving the ratio of muscle to body fat. Using a diet and exercise regimen that promotes lean body mass and physical strength, this approach to wellness offers many benefits over simply using weight or BMI as your standard of fitness. These techniques allow individuals to lose body fat while gaining muscle mass, which may be the fastest and most efficient way of having the physically fit body and lifestyle you want. The Connection Between Junk Food and Weight. You probably already know the basics: Excess calories of energy that aren’t burned during the day end up stored in fat cells for later use. Likewise, burning more calories than you consume causes the body to burn stored energy and lose fat as a result. When your diet includes a significant amount of high-calorie, low-nutrition junk food, it’s a perfect storm for weight problems.

If you’re thinking about bariatric surgery or looking for other ways to lose weight, take a moment to think about the role that junk food and snacks play in your life. A Little Bit of Biochemistry. Maintaining Weight Loss: 5 Tips to Ensure Long-Term Weight Loss. Losing weight is challenging, but keeping it off can be even more difficult. Sometimes the very restrictive nature of a successful diet might trigger overeating and regaining weight when a goal is reached. Maintaining weight loss after successful dieting or bariatric surgery in Houston makes your hard work and investment in better health all the more rewarding. The Boomerang Diet Effect Dietary strategies take time to develop into healthy lifestyle habits, no matter how successful we might be at losing weight by willpower alone. Even as we enjoy the benefits of weighing less, old habits begin to creep back in, or we feel justified at having just “one more piece.”

What Is Intermittent Fasting? Intermittent fasting is an evidence-based dietary practice which involves taking periodic breaks from eating solid foods. While you should consult your doctor before making a drastic dietary change, intermittent fasting is generally considered a safe and healthy practice for most people. It may be a successful weight loss strategy on its own or following your bariatric surgery in Houston. Fasting is an age-old practice which, through popularity and casual research, might sometimes be misunderstood.

The Dangers of Excess Belly Fat. It’s true that having excess fat anywhere on the body is considered to be undesirable by most people, and excess fat can actually threaten your health. When fat exists around the abdomen, it presents a host of health risks. Let’s explore common types of fat, what diseases they can cause, and how to reduce belly fat. Subcutaneous Fat vs. Visceral Fat There are two kinds of fat that build up in the abdominal area. What Makes a Good Weight Loss Surgery Candidate? If you are overweight or obese and are considering your weight loss surgery options, the first step of the process is ensuring you’re a good candidate. Your evaluation will be undertaken by a team of medical professionals. Your doctor and surgeon, as well as a psychologist and dietitian, will all conduct independent evaluations to ensure your medical readiness.

Current Health Level There are several guidelines that have been put in place by surgeons and insurance companies to evaluate your medical and psychological readiness for surgery. Typically, the first guideline that identifies good candidates for weight loss surgery is their weight and health level. The same is true of those whose BMI is 35 or greater that accompanied by conditions including: OsteoarthritisSleep apnea or other respiratory disordersType II diabetesHypertension. What Makes Gastric Sleeve Surgery “Minimally Invasive” Every New Year, millions of people make the resolution to lose excess body fat.

Sadly, most of these people end up failing to achieve their resolution simply because they are not sure which weight loss methods are best for them. What Makes Weight Loss Resolutions So Hard to Keep? Among the many resolutions we make each New Year, losing weight is at the top of the list. Interestingly, only a very small percentage of people maintain their weight loss for long periods of time. Add to that a worsening obesity epidemic, and the mystery deepens. Causes of the Obesity Epidemic and Weight Loss Solutions. The sheer magnitude of the obesity epidemic is reflected in many staggering statistics. According to data published by JAMA (Journal of the American Medical Association) this year, nearly 40% of Americans were obese in 2015 and 2016.1 This number is higher than data gathered in 2007 and 2008 when it was found that 33.7% of Americans were obese.

Why Two-Thirds of US Residents Are Overweight or Obese. An August 2015 report from JAMA Internal Medicine revealed that 30 to 40 percent of men and women in the United States were either overweight or obese.1 While these statistics clearly and effectively illustrate the problem of obesity in this country, the question remains: Why are so many Americans overweight? The reasons why are many and varied. Obesity Is a Modern Phenomenon What’s interesting about obesity is that it is caused by humans. Even our domestic animals can become obese. However, in nature, obesity doesn’t exist. Obese figures were depicted in sculptural representations as early as 33,000 B.C.

How Do Today’s US Obesity Rates Compare to the Rest of the World? The Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development, or OECD, collects and analyzes data from its 36 member countries to help their governments improve financial stability and economic growth. Weight Discrimination and the Job Hunt. Fitness Starting from Zero: Kickstart Your Weight Loss Routine Pre-Surgery. Weight Loss: How It Can Boost Fertility. Weight Loss: How It Can Boost Fertility. How To Stop Yo-Yo Dieting Once And For All.

Obesity and being overweight increase one’s risk of developing high blood pressure, heart problems, diabetes, and a host of other health problems. Setting Realistic Expectations: Weight Loss Surgery Is Just the Beginning. Shop The Perimeter: Knowing Where to go Inside The Grocery Store. If you’ve just had or are planning to have bariatric surgery in Houston, diet will play a pivotal role in the surgery’s success. However, it can be a challenge to see past the tempting, less-than-nutritious items at the grocery store. The good news is that avoiding temptation is easier than you may think. Love Your Body Again With Gastric Sleeve Surgery.

It’s February, and love is definitely in the air, but, if you’re living with obesity, you may still not love your body even after working hard to lose weight with diet and exercise. Seeing little or no results from your hard work can be incredibly frustrating. Weight Loss Surgery Friend & Family Guide (Dos & Don’ts) Weight Loss Surgery Friend & Family Guide (Dos & Don’ts) 10 Things to Know Before Your Consultation. What To Expect on Your Bariatric Surgery Day in Houston. Five Key Health Benefits From Bariatric Surgery. The Ultimate Post Op Nutritional Guide for Weight Loss Surgery. The Health Risks of Obesity. The Right Weight Loss Procedure. Vitamins & Supplements to Aid Your Recovery After Weight Loss Surgery. How to Talk to Your Loved Ones About Your Weight Loss Surgery. How to Talk About Weight Loss Surgery to a Loved One. Vitamins & Supplements to Aid Your Recovery After Weight Loss Surgery. Hiring a Lobbyist: 101. I’m Just a Bill: Understanding the Journey of New Laws in America.

Tackling the Pros and Cons of Tax Reform in the Trump Era. LIFE AFTER GASTRIC SLEEVE SURGERY: WHAT TO EXPECT. Questions to Ask Before Choosing Gastric Sleeve Surgery. What You Need To Know About Gastric Bypass Surgery.