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85 Top Responsive Web Design Tools. As the mobile market continues to grow, demand for responsive website design intensifies.

85 Top Responsive Web Design Tools

This has introduced a new set of tools, 10 of which we've listed below, to help lay out, design, code and plan a responsive website. While some may overlap, each deserves a spot on the list; when combined, they can help you craft a website that provides an optimal viewing experience for users on all devices. (Along with each recommendation is a list of alternative tools that may be useful.) If you are a designer or developer, what are some of the indispensable tools in your responsive toolbox?

Please share your recommendations with our readers in the comments, below. 1. 12 Helpful Tools for Responsive Web Design. Creating a responsive web design goes way beyond arranging things in a way that won’t compromise the look of your website in different screen sizes.

12 Helpful Tools for Responsive Web Design

Even tough we talk a lot about responsive web design, we are all figuring out the best way to go about developing a responsive site. One of the best ways to approach the issue is checking out tools that may help you with the task. However, there are a lot of tools out there, and it can be difficult to sort through them all. So for this post, we gathered some of the ones we find the most useful. Tryit Editor v1.5. HTML5: Past, Present, Future. The future is now! HTML5: Past, Present, Future infographic from Dot Com Infoway takes a trip trough time to explain how evolutionary HTML5 is.

HTML5 is the next evolutionary step for the Web world. With HTML5, the possibilities for Web usage are endless. At DCI, we are proud to be ahead of the game in offering HTML5 development for our many clients.The published HTML5 infographic elucidates the history of HTML through an appealing timeline from its inception in 1990 to HTML5 in 2009. It also lists out the key features, uses and the role of HTML5 in Web applications in a captivating manner. HTML5 Rocks - A resource for open web HTML5 developers.


HTML5 Canvas: An Open Standard for High Performing GIS Map Visualization in Web Browsers. Summary: The evolution of GIS on the Web has, until recently, been limited by traditional Web mapping technologies.

HTML5 Canvas: An Open Standard for High Performing GIS Map Visualization in Web Browsers

The increase in GIS requirements in the Web and mobile world has necessitated the development of a new breed of map engine. This article, by Dino Ravnić, the co-founder and CEO of GIS Cloud, Ltd., provides an overview of existing mapping technologies and the reasons why he decided to build a unique vector mapping engine in an effort to give the Web a full featured GIS. Introduction: Web GIS - the traditional approach Rendering maps as tiles in raster image format (PNG or JPEG images) is the way geospatial data are commonly delivered on the Web today.

Make a Flashy HTML5 Website Without the Coding or Plug-Ins. Feast your eyes on the future of the Internet — beautiful websites built with HTML5.

Make a Flashy HTML5 Website Without the Coding or Plug-Ins

The newest version of HTML effectively catapults words and graphics into another dimension without plug-ins or the annoying lag time. is making sure everyone — not just developers and fancy web designers — can get in on the action. 5 of the Best Free HTML5 Presentation Systems. I have a lot of respect for Microsoft PowerPoint.

5 of the Best Free HTML5 Presentation Systems

It may be over-used and encourages people to create shocking slide shows, but it’s powerful and fun. I have just one criticism: all PowerPoint presentations look the same. It doesn’t matter how you change the colors, backgrounds, fonts or transitions — everyone can spot a PPT from a mile away. 23 Useful Online HTML5 Tools. Are you aware that HTML5 is captivating the web by leaps and bounds? This new language is used for displaying the content on net. One can also add in audios, videos, various fonts, web graphics, drag and drop, animations to make your pages more colorful and informative. It is simply a renewed and much better version of the XHML1 or HTML4 and is also compatible to those versions.

The online sprite tool box compresses your image and puts your image in a sprite. This compression will definitely increase the speed of your images and the time of loading. The pattern generator tool is good for web designers to make header backgrounds and pages. The online HTML5 Tools audio maker tool brings in new features of the audio. Cross Browser HTML5 Progress Bars In Depth. Update (March 9, 2012): I have updated this document to include styling information for Internet Explorer 10.

Cross Browser HTML5 Progress Bars In Depth

Screenshots of HTML5 progress bars with different styles applied. Details given below. Using the HTML5 Geolocation API. Knowing the location of your users can help boost the quality of your website and the speed of your service.

Using the HTML5 Geolocation API

In the past, users had to actively input their location and submit it to a site, either by typing it, using a long drop-down list, or clicking a map. Now, with the HTML5 Geolocation API, finding your users (with their permission) is easier than ever. Figure 1 shows a website using geolocation to determine the location of a user, represented in latitude and longitude. The numbers can easily be translated into something more understandable, such as the street name or city. Figure 1 Showing a User’s Location with the Help of Geolocation Imagine how useful your site could be if it provided online timetables for all public transportation in a particular city. Scenarios for Using the Geolocation API Here are 12 simple scenarios that illustrate how a website can accommodate users and customize their experience by taking their location into account. How Geolocation Works Browser Support. Open Source HTML5 Charts & Graphs – Flotr2.

Flotr2 is an open source library for HTML5 canvas charts and graphs which is a fork of the popular flotr without the dependency of Prototype JS framework and has many improvements.

Open Source HTML5 Charts & Graphs – Flotr2

The library is framework independent and has support for line, bar, candle, pie and bubble charts. Using HTML5 to Determine User Location. Geolocation is one of the most exciting features offered by HTML5.

Using HTML5 to Determine User Location

Using some relatively simple JavaScript code, you can create Web applications that determine various aspects of the user location, including longitude, latitude and altitude plus more. Some Web applications can even provide navigation functionality by monitoring the user position over time, integrating with map systems such as Google Maps API. As with all HTML5 functions, you cannot yet rely on browser support.

HTML5 is the new DHTML - The Easy Designs Blog. In a recent post, Adrian Roselli ranted a bit about the awkward position we are in with regard to HTML5.

HTML5 is the new DHTML - The Easy Designs Blog

Here’s a taste: The trend continues where I speak to clients, vendors, young developers fresh out of college, and even the teachers/professors who instruct them and they don’t understand that HTML5 and CSS3 aren’t the same specification. I have repeatedly shown an HTML 4.01 site with CSS3 to explain that they are each distinct specifications which can be applied in different combinations of different versions. This is further complicated when JavaScript is folded into the mix—some folks even think jQuery is part of the HTML5 specification.

HTML5 Please - Use the new and shiny responsibly. Open Source Web Design - Download free web design templates. When can I use... Support tables for HTML5, CSS3, etc. 10 online tools to simplify HTML5 coding. HTML5 is definitely going to revolutionize the way we create website and web apps. In this article, I have compiled 10 awesome tools to simplify and enhance your HTML5 coding. Initializr Starting anew HTML5-based website? Just visit Initializr to get started. Free Color Wheel Color Calculator-HTML, RGB, CMYK color wheel chart: At Sessions College we have a mission: preparing design professionals. We focus on providing the highest quality of art/design education online, and we also work hard to make sure you're prepared to seek creative employment when you graduate.

No matter your stage in your design education, we encourage you to use our Career Center to research your career path and prepare for your job search. We've compiled a rich information source packed with tips to help you land your first (or your next) creative job. Design Career Guide. ColorTheory_Screen_White.jpg (1224×792) Colorblind Web Page Filter. Use Colorblind Assistant to Identify Whatever Color Your Cursor is Pointing At. As a colorblind person, this won't help in the slightest. We don't need to know what color it is, we need to be able to differentiate it.

I came across a menubar app for OS X that applied a filter that showed normal visioned people what we saw, and could correct for our vision. Mobile HTML5 - compatibility tables for iPhone, Android, BlackBerry, Symbian, iPad and other mobile devices. Getting started with HTML5 geolocation. The Definitive Guide To HTML5: 14 Predictions For 2012. Editor’s note: Guest contributor Ben Savage is the founder of, a native Javascript and HTML5 platform for mobile game developers.

HTML5 Semantics and Good Coding Practices — Aniket Pant  Top 10 Reasons to Use HTML5 Right Now. Onextrapixel - Web Design & Development Magazine. For those who keep up to date with the latest technology news, you may feel comfortable with HTML5 as it has been all over the news in the community for some time now, and, naturally, there have been many tools developed to help designers and developers get the best out of this technology.

So what tools are out there that can help with design in our modern era? Here is a round-up of my top 10 practical HTML5 tools. HTML5 Cheat Sheets. With new additions or changes to HTML5 happening quite frequently, it can become hard to remember all the new various features. HTML5 Essentials and Good Practices. HTML5, together with CSS3 and responsive design are the new buzz around web technologies these days. How to: Drag and Drop with HTML5. Drang n’ Drop in HTML 5 is supported by: IE9+, Firefox 3.6+, Safari 4+, Opera 11+ and Chrome 12+.