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It’s quite surprising that so much is devoted to taking you from Point A to Point B. Seriously, it’s not only about directions anymore. Take Google Maps for instance – our favored online map application comes with its own default set of tools like directions and place markers. But it hasn’t been able to satisfy a lot of people. 6 Chrome Extensions That Tell You A Lot More On Google Maps 6 Chrome Extensions That Tell You A Lot More On Google Maps
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Coding Staff SharePoint Google Map is an ultimate SharePoint web part used for adding an interactive map based on a popular Google service. Once placed on the page, the SharePoint Google Map web part adds an interactive Google map with locations from a SharePoint list. The Google map has 4 view modes: satellite, hybrid, map, or terrain. The administrator can enable or disable the zooming control and Google street view functionality, customize the appearance of the map. SharePoint Google Map web part allows to add different location markers with specific information about the location you want. Each marker can have a logo, name, and a description – predefined or custom html content. SharePoint Google Map Web Part | SharePoint Google Map SharePoint Google Map Web Part | SharePoint Google Map
Project Description Using this web part you can display points and locations on a Google map and get directions to an from that point. You can either manually enter an individual point or select a list from your Sharepoint site that holds the information that is required - ie. a field for the Buidling Name, its Longitude and its Lattitude. Features GMaps in a Sharepoint webpart GMaps in a Sharepoint webpart
Mapping with Drupal Mapping with Drupal I've recently become more involved with map scripting in my work on LCREP , Save Our Gulf , Geomeridian , and a few others in the works. One commonality amongst all the projects was the need to display geocoded data on a map, a problem solved many times over. When I began work on the first of these projects this past spring, the state of mapping in Drupal boiled down to these tools. Mapedelic Mapedelic is the name given to the powerful and well established duo of Location and Gmap . The former stores address and coordinates as either CCK fields or in its own schema and can geocode addresses when called upon.
Start by reading Installing plugins section in our comprehensiveWordPress and WordPress Multisite Manual if you are new to WordPress. To install: 1. Download the plugin file 2. Unzip the file into a folder on your hard drive 3. WordPress google maps plugin WordPress google maps plugin
I might be a bit bias here, but I would recommend - jQuery Google maps v3 plugin for UI and jQuery mobile, since it can populate a map from microdata, microformats and rdfa, thus search engine friendly :) plus it's small and easy to use. Gmap3 4.1: Positive: Seems to have alot of functions, like it's own clustering (I havn't tested it properly) Best plugin for jQuery and Google Maps API v3 Best plugin for jQuery and Google Maps API v3
Download source - 12 KB Introduction Google Maps provides a flexible way to integrate maps to provide directions, location information, and any other kind of stuff provided by the Google Maps API in your web application. Google Maps API V3 for ASP.NET Google Maps API V3 for ASP.NET
An opacity control / transparency slider inspired by Klokan Petr Přidal's original Opacity Control for Google Maps (v2) Overlay. Borrowing from the original design but completely re-coded to work with the radically different Google Maps API v3. Originally developed for use on NZ Topo Map, the essential components have been cleaned up and extracted for easy re-use in your own web sites. Map DataImagery ©2014 Cnes/Spot Image, DigitalGlobe, Landsat Map Data Opacity Control for Google Maps v3 Overlay Opacity Control for Google Maps v3 Overlay
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