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GIS in the cloud

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Web Based Mappers. Dracones: Surveillance Tool for Public Health Dracones is a MapServer-based web mapping framework, written in Python, PHP and JavaScript, and DraconesPH is a public health surveillance application that was built using it.

Web Based Mappers

Both are being developed at the McGill Surveillance Lab, and are available as open source. Dracones offers: * A lightweight map widget, with a smooth navigation interface * Map layers with interactive behaviors, like mouse selection or tooltip (mouseover) information * Flexible query/extension mechanism * Handy other services like map image export, and history navigation (undo/redo) The main idea behind Dracones is to provide a set of higher-level MapServer abstractions and services, with which it becomes easier to build complex, interactive mapping applications. The New Rules for Mapping Success. A new breed of location technologies powered by cloud services is overtaking the consumer web.

The New Rules for Mapping Success

These new location apps and geodata are taking mapping into the mainstream through their ease of implementation, maintenance and use. We’re now seeing that users once timid with mapping are now demanding interactive spatial features and further innovation from sites employing mapping and location data. Cloud computing has permanently transformed the mapping sector and is creating new rules for success, along with tremendous opportunity for those attuned to these changes.

Commercial cloud GIS

FLOSS cloud GIS.