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Chemical Cleaning. Chemical Cleaning. Frequently Asked Questions. Which common surfaces can Dr Bacti’s products be used on?

Frequently Asked Questions

Chairs, desks, counter tops, door handles, all high touch surfaces, bathroom surfaces, toilets, sinks, lift buttons, and kitchen surfaces. What kind of fabrics can be disinfected using FABRIGUARD? New Strain of Coronavirus. Often, the virus can easily spread from one person to the next via hands.

New Strain of Coronavirus

Despite being less affected than any other age group, emerging data suggest that children and young people’s health may be more directly affected by COVID-19 than originally anticipated when the crisis began in late 2019. A severe global economic recession is impoverishing children and compounding deep pre-existing inequalities and exclusion by all means.The need of this hour is to Protect everyone from getting affected by this deadly virus. No wonder you all make sure that around the clock you disinfect your surroundings but that is not something very practical to do.

Protection is something about which we all need to be concerned at this hour. Disinfection does not necessarily kill all microorganisms, especially resistant bacterial spores on the exposed surfaces; it is less effective than Protection, which is an extreme physical and chemical process that kills all types of life-threatening viruses. Healthcare Products. Fabric Conditioner & Fabric Spray. Fabriguard 500ml is a cloth sanitizer conditioner, which washes out the germs and bacteria from your clothes.

Fabric Conditioner & Fabric Spray

After every wash use it for long-lasting and unbeatable shine. No wonder you use any kind of detergent; a comfort fabric sanitizer spray wash is a must of your clothes. It helps to retain back the quality from dull, rough and lifeless of the fabric’s destroyed by the normal washing detergents. Not only is it soft but this range of clothes sanitizer spray guards your wardrobe against the million deadly microorganisms. From the mother of the small baby to the sport player any arrays of un invited germs on your daily wears needed to be soaked in the bucket (30 ml for every 15 litres of water). Now, you need not to worry about sanitizing your clothes from time to time because this fabric cloth disinfectant, Fabriguard 500ml is formulated to provide a healthy lifestyle for you and your dear ones.

Step 1 : Wash your clothes with any detergent and rinse properly. Car Disinfectant Cleaner Spray. Autoshield is a car protector spray which provides protection from all kinds of contagious germs, viruses and bacteria for 30 days.

Car Disinfectant Cleaner Spray

Any kind of viral and fungal actions which cannot be seen from naked eyes are active on car seats, belt, steering wheel, handles, lights, air conditioner, dash-board, gear knob, etc. are eliminated by Autoshield. Dr Bacti has developed this Auto Shield antibacterial spray for your car with a motive to continuously destroy 99.9% of germs for a complete 30 days duration. It has been developed with an insight to become a one-stop-solution. Now, for your cars you have Auto Shield the car spray sanitizer so that you can travel tension free any time.

Not only it disinfects the interior of your vehicle but also guards against all the deadly microorganisms and assures you to have a comfortable drive. Every corner of your car can have protection from viruses and germs. Universal Sanitizer Liquid Spray. One spray solution for every type of surface.

Universal Sanitizer Liquid Spray

Dr Bacti Unispray is an all purpose for frequently high touched surfaces in your surroundings. Cutting through thick walls of germs and bacteria it destroys 99.9% microorganisms to protect you and your family. It can be easily applied on all types of doors, knobs, toys, toilet seats , lift buttons ,window panes ,glass tables, desk ,sofa handles, etc. and results in providing a hygienic environment than one can imagine. You carve for a healthy lifestyle with a healthy living and for this kind of lifestyle you need to be guarded by something which lasts longer than any normal sanitizer spray for home, you have used before.

Therefore, not only you will get sparkling clean and germ-free surfaces after using UNI Spray but also a 24 hours protection ! Dr Bacti has developed this particular surface spray for all kinds of surfaces with a motto to kill 99.9% of germs completely. Step 1 : Spray the entire area, uniformly by this Antibacterial Spray. Know About Sanitizer, Disinfectant and Disinfectants Spray.