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Top 10 Best Drawing Pencils in 2018 Reviews (June. 2018) Putting down ideas on paper is one of the celebrated modes of expression that has gained popularity from time immemorial. It is the means through which artists, like you, demonstrate their prowess to the society. To do this you need a state of the art pencil to sketch your designs clearly and conspicuously. This piece is actually your most valuable asset in your arsenal as an artist or a fun of art. A good pencil is one that will put a smile on your face as you draft your ideas due to its precision and efficiency to work with.

More so, the texture of the graphite in the pencil will make your drawings glamorous if you know how to respond to the demands of your chosen design or drawing. What to consider before buying a drawing pencil: Lead grade: consider buying H-series pencils if you intend to make light marks and B-series pencils are majorly used to produce darker marks. Accessories: consider the type of surface you will execute your project at. By: Bellofy Drawing Pencils By: Derwent.