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Home is where the art is. Pieces in Pieces. The last few decades has seen a significant resurgence of this style, with people experimenting with different numbers, sizes and even shapes of pictures to fit together.

Pieces in Pieces

The subject of the paintings has also taken on a broader spectrum. No longer restricted to the religious, the most popular of their kind to be created and sold appear to be those with natural landscape themes. These experiments have led to some stunning creations. With every aspect of the piece now up for negotiation, the ability to tailor the shape and the size of the pieces to their subjects, or to contrast these elements against each other, has brought a range of styles and aesthetics together like never before.

Checkout the best wall art ideas! The effects created by these pieces can be astounding. Not all polyptychs are natural themed landscapes, either. Study The Form volume 1 - How Understanding Art Forms Can Unlock A World of Choices. Knowledge is power and the world of art is no different.

Study The Form volume 1 - How Understanding Art Forms Can Unlock A World of Choices

Choosing a preferred option from a limited selection might seem like an easy option but by limiting your scope, you might also limiting the variety of styles and forms available. This might mean that the piece you would connect with the most never even makes it onto your menu. By studying forms, even lightly, you can learn to identify what you like and appreciate and perhaps tailor your collection a little better to your own style and aesthetic.

It might also help you recognise features within the space you are decorating that would suit specific styles or forms. Study the Form Volume 2 - Identifying Periods and Style Through Features. Following on from our last post, we have another edition of our handy guide to style-spotting.

Study the Form Volume 2 - Identifying Periods and Style Through Features

Being able to identify different periods and their features can be a huge asset when picking out pieces to work together or to fit a particular theme or space. This guide should help you spot those features with just a few little pointers. Pop Art Probably the most easily recognized of the bunch, Pop Art was an ironic take on the abstract expressionism that had gone before it. Taking everyday items, images, and brands from popular culture and setting them in bright, contrasting colours, like the famous can of Campbell’s soup by Andy Warhol, it put the focus of the art on the working class and their lives and appreciations.

Changing Times: New Gallery Features Set to Become Regular Fixtures. When you picture an art gallery, what do you imagine?

Changing Times: New Gallery Features Set to Become Regular Fixtures

For most of us, the image conjured up will be of cold, silent rooms with walls lined with works, or maybe sculptures in the centre. There are undoubtedly cordons and barriers in the picture, too, marking out the areas from which each subject may be viewed. This stereotypical image has found itself challenged in recent years by artists and audiences alike, as the digital age and its influence on the rest of the world eventually worked its way into art galleries and exhibitions, too. Explore the latest wall art designs! Apps Nowadays, there is an app for everything and that includes art and galleries. The apps can also enhance the experience of the exhibition on the day, helping audiences discover all that is available and tailor their experience to their taste.

Installations Attitude. The Aspiring Young Artist’s Space. Just like their adult counterparts, that passion for their craft is really important and might never grow at all if it isn’t carefully nurtured.

The Aspiring Young Artist’s Space

Inspiration Station – Art to Inspire Kids. A child’s mind is awash with ideas.

Inspiration Station – Art to Inspire Kids

Harnessing their creative force is sometimes easier said than done. Getting to know: Julia Hariri. Q: You’ve recently released a new (fantastic) collection that we’re in love with, can you tell us about that?

Getting to know: Julia Hariri

Where did the inspiration come from? A: During my fashion studies, I was working on the female and male bodies, learning how to dress both types of shapes the best way. We were having many life drawing lessons, with different people and body types, helping to improve our fashion sketches. I think this is where my fascination for drawing bodies comes from. The Ecstatic collection is especially focused on women and the female body. Although this saying comes from a physical origin, it seems like women are seen as weak in general. Home Office – A Space That Wants To Work. Once thought of as a luxury, since the recent pandemic swept the globe the home office has undergone a rapid re-estimation and has emerged as something of a necessity.

Home Office – A Space That Wants To Work

With regional lockdowns forcing increasing numbers of people to remain at home, a laptop-spot at the dining table is no longer adequate. If you’re still struggling to justify taking the space for your self, we’ve listed some of the many benefits to establishing a dedicated workspace or office: • Maintaining boundaries between home and work-life • Keeping your work paraphernalia organized and in one place • Increasing productivity by keeping distractions to a minimum • Privacy when making work-related calls • Convenience –instead of having to set up and put away equipment after each use, a home office allows you to leave things to instantly pick up when you return.

Some of the equipment required for your office might be industry-specific but for many, a desk, chair, and filing cabinet will suffice. High Quality Wall Art. Wall art in Dubai. Unique Framed Canvas Prints. High Quality Canvas Art Prints Online in Dubai. High Quality Aluminium Frame Online in Dubai. Unique Framed Poster Prints. Frames that bring art to life A picture speaks a thousand words.

Unique Framed Poster Prints

But a good quality frame makes them stand out. Whether you’re going for that single piece to take center stage or are looking to build your own gallery wall, we have a range of different frames and sizes that will help you fill up that space perfectly. High Quality Art Prints Online in Dubai. Art Prints with personality Our art prints are the perfect starting point for your wall art journey.

High Quality Art Prints Online in Dubai

To help you get going you can browse by most popular, newest additions or our curated collections. If you are after something in particular then you can search all artwork by themes like, nature, fashion, typography and animals or by styles including collage, photography, illustrations and abstract art. High Quality Art Prints Online in Dubai. Posters & Canvas Paintings.