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Breast Augmentation Surgery in Delhi For Better Shape

12 november 2018

Breast Augmentation Surgery in Delhi For Better Shape

Breast augmentation in Delhi is a surgical procedure opted by women to enhance the size of breast by using silicone implant or physiological saline. After the surgery patients usually are happy with the result they get after augmentation.

Why choose breast augmentation surgery?

People prefer this plastic surgery in Delhi to make their breasts look larger and improve the shape. Some women do not like the size of the breast when they compare it with their colleague or friends. Size of the breast can be decreased after pregnancy or when women age, or after weight loss. Breast implant in Delhi is the best option in such a case to enhance the size and shape of the breast. Women who have imbalanced breast size means one is bigger than another one, also prefer breast augmentation to balance the size of breasts.

What happens before the surgery?

A patient needs to meet plastic surgeon in Delhi to discuss why she wants breast augmentation and what you desire to have the size of the breast. Plastic surgeon in Rohini, Pitampura will inquire about any illness you have or any medication you are taking. The surgeon will examine your breasts and takes the photograph of your breast for the medical record. If you are overweight or thinking about becoming pregnant, plastic surgeon in Ashok Vihar, Shalimar Bagh may suggest you postpone the surgery for some time.

How is breast augmentation surgery performed?

During the surgery of breast augmentation in Delhi, implants are placed behind the breast or behind the muscle, the breasts stay on. Behind the breast, implant method is one of the most common options. And behind the muscle implant options gives more padding in slim women. A surgeon will discuss the option with you.

In breast augmentation surgery, implants are placed by a cut in the crease under the breast or by a cut in the armpit. After the surgery, plastic surgeon in Pitampura, Rohini may sometimes leave a drain to take away any fluid or blood. This drain is removed after a day or two.

About the implants

The outer layer of implant consists of silicone and inside it is filled with silicone gel or saline. Breast implant mostly lasts around 10 years but in some cases, it can be less.

Implant size

When you go for breast augmentation, mostly you make a plan to increase the size of breast how much. But you cannot decide the size of your breast after surgery, your plastic surgeon in Delhi will analyze the breast and size of the ribcage and your skin firmness to suggest you what size will suit to your personality and your body health.

Choosing a surgeon

If you make a mind to go for breast implant in Delhi, only choose the surgeon who is trained in breast augmentation and certified plastic surgeon in Delhi. Breast augmentation is a lifetime commitment. You must make sure that you are taking the right decision and understand the after effect of the implant.