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Yellow Fever

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By: Drew Huynh-King

Audience. Yellow Fever History Video.

Very in depth video describing the history behind Yellow Fever and how Doctor Reed dealt with it. – draqon

Yellow Fever Virus.

Microscopic view of the Yellow Fever virus. – draqon

Aedes Mosquito.

Vector that transmits Yellow Fever. – draqon

Aedes Mosquito. Britannica School.

Great information regarding how the disease will develop, what symptoms will be present, and what type of treatment is available or how to cope with it. – draqon

Yellow fever: Explora Secondary Schools.

This website provides incredible information about the symptoms present in Yellow Fever. It lists how long it will take for the disease to take place after bitten as well as causes of Yellow Fever. (1st Explora) – draqon
Explora article that provided information regarding Yellow Fever. – draqon

Yellow Fever: Explora Secondary Schools.

This article has information that gives very descriptive details regarding the symptoms in Yellow Fever. It also lists different types of treatment as well as prevention for the disease. (2nd Explora) – draqon

Yellow fever: EBSCOhost.

This article gives information that talks about the incubation period of Yellow fever as well as information regarding symptoms present. It also gives a brief history about the disease. (EBSCOhost) – draqon

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Citations for information and such. – draqon